Jack Lynch was a private investigator and partner to Larry Lance prior to the latter's retirement and death.

He harbored unrequited feelings for Lance's wife, Dinah. Once Jack was on his own, he was approached by a group to find blackmail material on celebrities. They used the payoff money to fund a project called New Sparta. Publicly, the project was trying to preserve endangered animals through the creation of a gene bank. Jack caught wind that there was a sinister hidden agenda: gene-splicing dangerous hybrid-animal creations, as well as creating a superior human species designed to replace humanity. Jack investigated and barely escaped their first genetically-enhanced man, Prime Number.

He committed himself to a one-man guerilla campaign against New Sparta until he encountered Black Canary at her mother's grave. The pair were attacked by part armadillo, part cheetah monstrosities Jack called 'Dillos. Though injured, they survived and raced from Gotham City to Seattle to recover. They had a few hours rest before they were tracked by Prime Number. Jack used grenades to trap Prime Number in the burning rubble of Sherwood Florist. Her home and business destroyed, Canary decided to join Jack's quest to topple the New Sparta conspiracy.[1]



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