Jack Marshall is the Hacker, a brilliant systems analyst, programmer and hacker who freelances for the government.

Jack Marshall is a freelance systems analyst from Raleigh, North Carolina. Fascinated with computers ever since he was a child, he grew up alongside the industry and eventually ended up working at Digitronix World Industries (DTX), a small company in Dallas, Texas. Maverick company president Donny Travis worked alongside Marshall to invent the Digitronix Desktop PC.

The Digitronix PC's success and profits caused rapid growth in the company, and a new senior Vice President named Walter Sutcliffe denied Marshall any profit sharing from his invention, because said profit sharing was based on a handshake agreement between Marshall and Donny Travis, meaning it was not legally binding. Sutcliffe was one of five middle managers Donny Travis brought in from CompuTech.

According to Jack, CompuTech went under due to incompetent middle management. Marshall attempted to steal his own codebase for a new updated version of Digitronix' proprietary operating system DROS (Digitronix Resident Operating System) but was caught and summarily terminated.

But since he is the only one who truly understands DROS, he is brought in by the United States government, specifically Sarge Steel as a freelance troubleshooter whenever there is a problem.




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