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Jack Miller (b. January 10, 1909 – d.January 1970) was a writer.

Professional History

Jacob "Jack" Miller" was a TV playwright and writer and editor for DC Comics. He created and wrote "Sergeant Rock," as well as contributed to "Batman," "Superman," " Wonder Woman", "Showcase," "Deadman," "Tarzan," "Action Comics," "Detective Comics," "Adventure Comics," "Aquaman," and "Phantom Stranger" Comics. He also helped create and write 25 episodes of "The Mighty Hercules" cartoon show from 1963-1966.

Personal History

Wife: Helen; son: Bruce; daughter: Leslie

Work History


Jack E. Miller worked mostly from his apartment and even there he would be found in an expensive, custom-made suit, white shirt, jeweled cuff-links, and silk tie. He was an Anglophile who smoked English cigarettes, English pipe tobacco, owned a Jaguar, and subscribed to "Punch."