Terrorsmith is a villain empowered by Bloodlines Parasites. He had the power to turn other people into monsters.

Jack Mobley was a man down on his luck. He had been a relatively successful computer programmer, but could not get along with his co-workers and found his career going downhill. His wife accused him of blaming other people for his problems and left him, taking their daughter with her. Soon after he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

Jack's life got even worse when Lissik and Venev, two of the Bloodlines Parasites, attacked him. The aliens fed by draining the spinal fluid of their prey after administering a small dose paralytic venom, if the feeding process is performed on a human possessing the metagene, the trauma of feeding on that victim will usually activate their metagene. Jack was among the small number of Parasite victims that survived the attack, and gained superhuman powers. Jack's new horrific appearance caused panic in everyone he came across, and he found himself met with hostility at every turn. Even worse, anyone who came in contact with him was transformed into a gruesome monster. This brought him to the attention of the Justice League of America, and he fled to his ex-wife's house. He killed her new husband and begged her for reconciliation. She refused, so he transformed her into a monster. Finally accepting his fate, Jack decided to become a super villain. Fashioning a costume, he called himself Terrorsmith.


  • Unique Physiology: The doctor who examinated him noted that his physiology had radically changed after his transformation, increasing his muscle density, nerve speed, endurance and defined him "as human as a '56 Buick".
  • Power Distribution: Terrorsmith can temporarily transform any human he touches into a monster possessing superhuman strength, speed, flight or any number of superpowers. Typically a transformed victim usually takes on the form of their own worst nightmare, and the shock of the physical transformation can sometimes kill them.



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