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Quote1.png Batman brought out all the crazies in Gotham. If it weren't for him, there wouldn't have been a Joker! Quote2.png
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Jack Napier, better known as the Joker, was a homicidal maniac who is an enemy of Batman and the one responsible for the death of Gabrielle Kane, additionally being the catalyst of Beth Kane's transformation into Alice.

Jack Napier was a notorious criminal who caused the death of Gabrielle Kane after hijacking a school bus. After ramming into a car with the Kane family inside, Beth Kane was sent into the river and presumed missing, inadvertently becoming the catalyst of her transformation into 'Alice'. Jack Napier's exploits would then on earn him some form of notoriety, even being adapted as a fictional film character and becoming known to Gotham City as the 'Joker'. However, Napier was eventually brought to justice by the famous prosecutor Angus Stanton but was later killed by Batman, unbeknown to everyone but Luke Fox. Jack Napier's influence then extended to the point where he was adapted into a film, as noted by Cisco Ramon. Napier was also the inadvertent catalyst of Beth Kane's rise to Alice, Kate Kane's rise to Batwoman and Jacob Kane's creation of Crows Security.


Other Characteristics


  • School Bus: (Formerly) Napier used a school bus during one of his exploits, resulting in the death of Kate Kane's mother, Gabrielle Kane.



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