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Jack Napier was a member of Gotham Organized Crime, working directly underneath the corrupt mayor of Gotham City, Artie DeHaven.

District Attorney Harvey Dent blackmailed him into acting as a snitch on the organization. James Gordon, a private detective in trouble with DeHaven, sold Napier out to draw attention from himself. When his fellow thugs learned that Jack was a snitch, his execution was ordered... they beat him within an inch of his life, cut his mouth from ear to ear and left him for dead in an alley. Despite this, he survived, although his sanity was not intact. He went crazy and became a wild madman murdering indiscriminately, fixating on Gordon. Their confrontation was in the Kitty Kat Club run by Selina Kyle, where Napier had taken Gordon's wife Sarah and his daughter Barbara hostage. Gordon shot Napier off of some scaffolding, but he survived that as well. Gordon dove in front of his daughter to protect her and was fatally shot. Napier was stopped by Batman seconds too late.[1]

  • This version of Jack Napier is never actually referred to as the Joker on the page, but he is clearly based on the character.