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Jack Spheer, alias Biomax was the CEO of Biospheer Technologies, who developed the Biomax Process, a plasma that could control organic tissue.

He intended to use the process to redefine the way food was produced, growing cows to maturity in several days, creating vegetables that needed no refrigeration. He tested certain Biomax elements in food additives produced by Biospheer.

His son Jason Spheer and their lawyer Josiah Power informed him that a small number of people became sick after eating the additives, but Jack refused to pull the products. Green Arrow and Black Canary broke into Biospheer and confronted Jack after their friends Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris became ill from a Biospheer marinade. Jack ordered the Biomax mutated cattle to attack the two heroes and was about to kill them when his son intervened. Jason accidentally pushed his father into a vat of Biomax formula, seemingly killing him.[1]

However he did not die, but mutated into a sentient form of the Biomax Process. He now had the power to control the minds of people; his first victim was his own son. He had Jason hire the Power Company under the pretense of protecting Biospheer's latest product.[2]

Spheer actually wanted revenge on Josiah Power, whom he blamed for his condition. Power Company members Manhunter and Striker Z were at the site, along with Green Arrow who was also keeping an eye on the company. Jack revealed himself to the heroes and planned to destroy his enemies. He took control of Green Arrow's mind and forced him to attack Manhunter and Striker Z. Striker Z recorded Biomax's villainous gloating and escaped at super-speed. Jack feared Biospheer would be ruined if the public saw the tape, so as a good will gesture he released Green Arrow and Manhunter. The tape was later turned over to the police and the Justice League.[3]





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