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Quote1 Name's Chance. Jack T. Chance. Green Lantern o' this burg, the worst scum planet going. To kick butt here you have to be badder than bad. An' I'm the baddest dude around. Quote2
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Jack T. Chance is a member of the Green Lantern Corps assigned to Sector 17, one of the worst, most troubled criminal sectors in the universe. Born of the hellhole Garnet, Chance's ruthless tactics earn him many reprimands from the Guardians of the Universe... but it's agreed that only a man as bad as he is could tame a sector as tough as the one he's been given. While other Green Lanterns wear a full uniform, Chance wears a trench coat, and simply sticks a pin with the Corps logo on his lapel. In addition to his power ring, he also carries a gun.


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Deal with the Devil

Jack T. Chance of Garnet was chosen after his predecessor, Pathavim Seth-Ottarak, was brutally gunned down in the streets by one of the planet's self-proclaimed Anti-Lawmen. Chosen as the nearest sentient who was both honest and without fear, he began tackling the massive infestation of crime... the first Lantern ever to do so successfully in his Sector. After Jack gunned down the man who killed Pathavim, he was taken to Oa forcibly and subject to court martial for murder. He refused the Guardians' terms, and told them that his way was the only way a sector like that could be patrolled. Although he was a bad man, he was a good bad man, and he was their bad man. They agreed that he would be able to police his area the way he needed to, if he allowed himself to be subject to periodic review of his usage of powers. Also, his activities were confined to his own sector, and his ring would not work anywhere else.[1] Jack T. Chance shares his sector with Larvox.

Later, Chance learned a lesson in humility when he was beaten in combat by intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo on a routine mission for L.E.G.I.O.N.. Jack was unable to use lethal force, and Lobo beat him up, took his ring finger, and left him for dead. Later, Jack was shown to have the ability to reattach his finger after Lobo threw it back to him.[2]

Lost Lanterns

 Main article: Lost Lanterns

During Emerald Twilight, the greatest Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) became possessed by Parallax, and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps. Jack T. Chance was one of many top Lanterns sent to stop him in his path to Oa, as one of the final lines of defense. Despite Jack's ruthlessness, in the emergency his ring was activated for off-planet usage. Chance pulled a gun on Jordan, and Hal beat him mercilessly, took his ring, and left him floating in space.[3] Hal would then go on to kill the Guardians and absorb the full energies from the Central Power Battery of Oa, causing the complete downfall of the Corps.[4]

Although he was presumed dead for many years, Chance was later revealed to be still alive on Biot as a prisoner of the Manhunters with his fellow Lost Lanterns, Tomar-Tu, Boodikka, Graf Toren, General Kreon, Ke'Haan, Laira and Hannu.[5]

During Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner go on a mission to liberate the Lost Lanterns from their imprisonment. It is revealed that they are being held by Cyborg Superman, new leader of the Manhunters, who is using them as a power source. Initially, the imprisoned Lanterns believed Jordan was still culpable for what happened to him, and continued to begrudge him even after learning of the involvement of the Parallax entity. Upon their return, they were all given a heroes' welcome. The Guardians rethought his position after his return, and Chance was finally taken off probationary status and became a full Green Lantern.[6]

War of Light

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Killed by Parallax

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Jack would get a chance to go up against Parallax once again in the Sinestro Corps War. This time, the entity had taken control of Kyle Rayner and teamed up with the entire Sinestro Corps. During a battle, Parallax singled him out amongst the Lanterns for perceived weakness. He showed that the one thing Chance feared... was his own family. Playing off of the years of abuse Jack went through as a child, Parallax took the opportunity to kill Chance once and for all.[7]

He is shown to be memorialized in the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps, along with all of the other fallen heroes. Although not technically directly responsible, Kyle shows great remorse over his death.[8] During Blackest Night, Chance is one of the many previous Lanterns resurrected as zombies to act as members of the new Black Lantern Corps.[9]




Quote1 You who are wicked, evil and mean -- I'm the nastiest creep you've ever seen. Come one, come all, put up a fight, I'll pound your butts with Green Lantern's light. Yowza. Quote2



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