Jack Tanner was the Extremist, a masked enforcer for secret society known as the Order.

Jack Tanner was the husband of Judy Sullivan and secretly an assassin working for the Order. As the Extremist, it was Jack's job to eliminate those whose existence threatened to expose the Order and their illicit activities. Jack's sponsor in the Order was a man named Patrick. Patrick knew that so long as Jack maintained the illusion of a "normal" life, he could never fully commit himself to the Order. He tried to convince Jack to leave his wife, Judy, but Jack refused. At this point, Patrick knew that Jack was no longer a reliable asset.

In June of 1993, Jack and Judy were existing a sushi bar one evening, when Patrick stepped out of the shadows and stabbed him in the stomach, killing him. After the funeral, Judy learned about Jack's secret life and assumed the identity of the Extremist in order to avenge his death.

The only other man who ever knew about Jack's dual identity was his neighbor, Tony Murphy. Murphy had broken into Jack's apartment weeks after his death and found a series of cassette tapes that chronicled Jack's experiences as the Extremist.



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