Jack Weston was Minute-Man, a costumed hero from Fawcett City and an OSS agent during World War II.

Jack Weston is an ex-soldier and adventurer who helped rescue the young Billy Batson from Mr. Mind and the Rainbow Squad, who had bound and gagged him. Captain Marvel felt unable to fight women, so Minute Man showed him he can do it, inspiring Captain Marvel to defeat the Rainbow Squad, and revealing that their leader Mr. Wonderful was non other than his long time foe Mr. Mind. Minute-Man later became a member of the Squadron of Justice.

Minute-Man defended his home of Fawcett City for a time following the war with his fellow heroes. Eventually retiring from costumed heroism and became a government agent but stayed an ally of Captain Marvel.

Jack Weston and his children and grandchildren were all murdered in their sleep by an unnamed assassin in their home in Clearwater, Florida. Minute-Man was one of three patriotic superhero bloodlines destroyed by the efforts of the immortal Vandal Savage, the other superhero legacies killed were Mr. America, Commander Steel and General Glory. Vandal Savage wished to stop the prevalence of relatives taking on the heroic identities and/or powers of their loved ones.




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