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Star athlete Jack Wheeler went to college on a football scholarship. After an injury forced him off the team, he dropped out, unable to afford tuition. He opted instead for a tour of duty with the U.S. Marines, which ended in tragedy when most of his comrades were killed by a terrorist bomb. Disheartened, Wheeler left the Marines and returned to Quad Cities, Iowa, taking night classes at State University. He also fell in love with Claire Smith -- only to see her struck down by a gunman. The police investigation revealed that her last name was really Carmonti and that she was the daughter of a recently killed Chicago mob boss. She was not a random victim, but a target. Something inside Wheeler snapped. Donning a hockey-mask, khakis, and a State U. T-Shirt, he became the crime fighter "Wild Dog". He was soon a local hero, even though wanted by the police for his ruthless vigilantism. Wheeler spent his days as an auto-mechanic, and his nights as a protector of the innocent.[1]

Wild Dog was present at the great summit during the Dominators' invasion when the heroes of the world gathered underneath the leadership of Captain Atom to strike back at the Alien Alliance.[2] He also took part in the Battle of Metropolis during Infinite Crisis where he teamed up with Crimson Avenger and Vigilante to take down Madmen and the Trigger Twins. They gunned them down from the rooftops.[3]

Booster Gold created an alternate timeline when he went back in history to save his friend Blue Beetle from being murdered by Maxwell Lord. In this world, Lord had taken over the planet using a mentally controlled Superman and his personal army of OMACs.[4] There was a small resistance force of heroes still fighting to stay alive, led by Green Arrow and Hawkman including Anthro and Pantha, along with Wild Dog. They made their final assault on Checkmate Headquarters, but during the fighting Lord used his mind control abilities to force Wild Dog to shoot Pantha and then himself in the face.[5] Beetle eventually sacrificed himself to repair the timestream.[6]



  • Body Armor (lightweight)


  • "Rover": Wild Dog's primary vehicle was his pick-up truck which he would re-paint frequently.[7]


  • JATI Sub-Machine Gun
  • Stun Glove: Wild Dog's glove acts as a taser, producing an electrical charge for non-lethal incapacitation.[7]
  • Wheeler was one of the minor heroes the Great Carlini believed to be expendable that was sent to try and save the Lobo series from becoming too violent. He was killed by Lobo, along with several other characters pulled from Comic Limbo, in a barroom brawl.[9] Due to the highly meta nature of the storyline and the fact almost all of the deceased characters appeared again in mainstream continuity, these deaths do not appear to be canon. Wheeler appeared alive several times afterwards, his last being in an alternate timeline where he dies.[5] His last mainstream continuity appearance in New Earth was during Infinite Crisis.[3]
  • The Secret Six once attended a superhero-themed club where there was a dancer dressed as Wild Dog.[10]



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