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The Jack of Spades is a part of the Royal Flush Gang, and has been borne by more people than any other name in the gang. After the first Jack struck out on his own as Hi-Jack, the King of Spades found a replacement Jack. Hi-Jack later returned, and is the only member of the original gang still alive.

When Wild Card organized a new gang, he rescued a gigolo from law enforcement and offered him to be his new Jack. He accepted, but the emotional stress of losing his old life, as well as a wound to his eye at the hand of the Gambler, eventually led to a nervous breakdown. He was replaced by the fourth Jack of Spades, who still rides with Joe Carny and the Spades.

Several other Jacks have appeared in the expanded Royal Flush Gang too, to limited notoriety. During the Infinite Crisis, Cajun con-man "Deuce" Canyard rose quickly through the ranks of the expanded Gang, and served as a Jack in the Secret Society of Super-Villains III. He was killed in a prison riot in Enclave M.

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