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Quote1.png We are Analysis, people. They treat us like nerds and drones, but nothing in I.O.'s remit happens without us. Flex your muscles. We are the engine of this organization. Act like it. Quote2.png
Jacklyn King src

Jacklyn King is the chief of I.O.'s Analysis department, providing information which the rest of the organization uses in missions.

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis

In the wake of the Spica case, Jackie voiced the theory to her supervisors that Skywatch, the secret space agency, was running an unsanctioned covert action team - a wild CAT - who were interfering with missions. Her superior, Miles Craven, admitted that it was possible, but that they didn't have enough data to make the accusation. So, Jackie ordered her underling, Mitchell Saunders, to start a plausibly-deniable group to investigate how to hack into Skywatch's computer database.[1]


  • Battalion was created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, first appearing in StormWatch #1. However, in The Wild Storm continuity Jacklyn King first appeared in The Wild Storm #1 by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt.
  • Jackie first appeared in The Wild Storm #1, however, she was not named until #7.
  • Jackie has a cat named Streaky.[2]