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Dane was the leader of Wetworks.

In the 1970s, Jackson Dane was a Green Beret who was recruited into a special ops team known as Team-7. During one of their missions the group was deliberately exposed to a mutagenic substance known as the Gen Factor, which unleashed psychic abilities in the whole squad. After another mission where their superior (the same one who had exposed them) tried to kill them by exploding a small nuclear device in their vicinity, they went rogue. A replacement squad, Team-8, was formed, but died on its first mission, and so International Operations reluctantly pardoned members of Team-7, and had them track down the others to bring them back into the fold. Although initially reluctant, Team-7 carried out a final mission, then vanished; Dane however was left in a coma, and (reluctantly) in the care of the military. Eventually he awoke, but with much of his memory missing.

He was told to form a new Team-7, but again his superior, Miles Craven, sent them on a suicide mission. Told to infiltrate an enemy base and steal some "biological experiments", Dane's squad were attacked by another team also sent by Craven, who had given orders for them to be killed on completion of their mission. They survived, and were bonded to the "biological experiments", which had proven to be symbiotes which enhanced the wearers capabilities. Making an alliance with Armand Waering, Dane's team, renamed Wetworks, went to war with the supernatural Night Tribes, including the creators of the symbiotes, the Vampire Nation.

The team disbanded after the Night Tribe war ended, but Dane has recently reformed the squad to deal with a new threat attacking Earth from another dimension.


  • Psionics: His Gen-Factor given powers were primarily strong Telepathic and telekinetic powers, also known as the Mojo or the Rush among Team 7-members. After being exposed to the Gen Factor alongside the rest of Team 7, Dane developed powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. However, brainwashing during a subsequent mission caused him to forget about them for years. His telekinesis is stronger when other Team 7-members link with him, increasing its strength almost exponentially. Jackson Danes abilities are far greater then the entire team 7 combined. He now is capable of:
  • Golden Symbiote: Dane is bonded to a golden symbiote. It can hide inside his body, but covers his skin in combat situations.
    • Invulnerability: The symbiote is highly durable and can easily resist bullets. It can flow out to coat his skin with a golden armour. As well as making him virtually invulnerable
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Psychic Link: Dane has a psychic connection to other symbiote wearers.
    • Psionic Augmentation: After obtaining his symbiote, Dane's psychic powers began to resurface. Even though he didn't remember them, he could still use them when attacked psychically. He even surprised allies by manifesting weapons in a psionic battle. Dane eventually became fully aware of his powers and they returned to formidable levels. Amplifying his already impressive Gen-Factor abilities a thousandfold.