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Jackson Hyde is the second Aquaman. Formerly known as Aqualad, he took up the mantle after the retirement of his mentor Arthur Curry. He is the son of the supervillain Black Manta.

When Jackson inherited Arthur's role as Aquaman he also take on the responsibility of training his daughter Andy, promising Andy's mother that he would bring her home safely after every mission. He was often frustrated by Andy's disrespectful attitude and frequent insubordination. After a failed attempt to capture his father, during which Andy attacked Manta against orders and was knocked unconscious, the ocean around them suddenly changed into an alien waterscape and Jackson felt a sensation similar to using a teleporter. The two had accidentally entered The Confluence and been transported to an unknown planet.

Andy and Jackson wandered around the Confluence, helping people on every world they found themselves, searching for a way home. Eventually they were attacked by a gigantic sea monster which was the protector of the Confluence. Jackson was able to escape the beast's tentacles by shocking it with his bioelectricity, but Andy was too weakened by its toxin to break free. Jackson was hanging on to Andy's leg and refused to let go, so to force him to leave her behind she severed her own foot, and Jackson fell into the water below. Andy attempted to tell Jackson a message to give to her parents but he was unable to hear her.

Jackson was captured and would spend the next six years in an undersea prison on Neptune. He noticed that he was weaker than he had been previously, which he believed was an effect of the alien environment, but was in fact due to a psychological block caused by witnessing what had happened to Andy. Jackson made almost three hundred escape attempts but was swiftly recaptured each time. During his latest attempt he saw something on the surface of the water that caused him to burst out laughing just as the guards caught up to him. He was taken in chains to the warden of the prison and candidly told him the story of how he ended up on Neptune and being separated from Andy, the first time he had told anyone in the prison anything about himself. The warden was sympathetic to his suffering and offered to erase Jackson's traumatic memories, as Neptunians believed that regret and living with emotional pain were wasteful.

Aquaman sincerely thanked him but said that would no longer be necessary. At that moment alarms began sounding and Jackson explained that during his escape he had seen a message from Aquawoman, and that his former apprentice was alive and coming for him. Learning that Andy was alive had released the block in his mind, allowing him to use his full strength for the first time in years. Jackson effortlessly broke free of his restraints and attacked the guards.[2]

Jackson was initially overwhelmed by the guard's superior numbers and weapons, but the tide of battler turned when Aquawoman managed to fight her way into the warden's office. When she realised Jackson had been held prisoner by the Neptunians for years she attacked them in a rage, threatening to kill them all. Jackson told her that was not their way, and to let the Neptunians live so they would remember who had beaten them. They escaped to the surface and Jackson ordered Andy to release the creatures she was controlling. Once they were safe Andy broke down crying from the stress of their experiences. Jackson comforted her, assuring her that she had done well and they would make it home eventually.[3]

Andy would eventually return to Earth while Jackson voluntarily remained in the Confluence.[1]



Other Characteristics

  • Trauma (Formerly): The deep trauma of believing Andy was dead and that he had failed in his duty to protect her caused Jackson to subconsciously hold back from using the true extent of his powers. When he realized Andy was alive he overcame this, unleashing his full strength.[2]


  • While in prison, Jackson's prisoner number was 31814.[2]
  • His hair is naturally black, but dyed blonde. During his time in prison his hair grew out leaving only traces of blond remaining.
  • Andy Curry considers him her older brother.[3]



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