Jackson Lindo was a famous blaxploitation movie star during the 1970's, until he abandoned his family, allegedly for an actress he'd impregnated. In reality, Lindo was in hiding, and planning for the return of a demon, The Host, who owned the Fountain of Youth in Tranquility. When the demon did return to reclaim his fountain, Jackson reunited with his estranged granddaughter, Sheriff Tommy Lindo, who did not easily forgive him for abandoning the family shortly after the death of her father. Explaining the importance of his disappearance, Jackson managed to find his granddaughter's (at least temporary) forgiveness, and together with the other super-powered inhabitants of Tranquility, they defeated the demon.


  • Flight: Jackson is able to fly using energy that causes him to naturally float.
  • Energy Projection: Jackson is able to use the energy that lifts him as offensive blasts.


Jackson was a marketable actor.


Weight Belt: Jackson must wear a weight belt to keep himself tethered to the earth, without it, he would simply float away.



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