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Originally from Oklahoma City, Jacob Colby was chosen by Lex Luthor to participate in the Everyman Project. This gave him the ability to fly. He became a member of Luthor's latest incarnation of Infinity, Inc as Skyman.

During a New Year's Eve celebration, Infinity Inc., and many other beneficiaries of the Everyman Project gathered in midtown Metropolis as part of the parade festivities. At the stroke of midnight, Lex Luthor activated a device, which negated the super-powers of nearly all of the Everyman heroes in the vicinity. Skyman and his fellow Infinitors luckily maintained their abilities. Without the power of flight, several dozen heroes died as their bodies fell from the sky. Skyman was greatly injured during the ensuing carnage. The tabloids tastelessly referred to the event as the "Rain of the Supermen".

A few weeks later, Skyman's teammate, Everyman, attacked the neophyte hero in an effort to assume his guise. Everyman possessed the ability to morph his body into the shape of other heroes. To accomplish this task however, he required physical consumption of his target in order to appropriate their abilities. He strapped Skyman to a table and began consuming him, eating his legs so that he could take on his form. Assuming the role of Skyman, Everyman baited Infinity Inc. member Starlight into a trap for Lex Luthor.[1]


  • Superhuman Strength: Jacob's strength has benn enhanced to superhuman levels.
  • Flight: Jacob Colby was granted the power of self-propelled flight by the Everyman Project.