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Jake Grayson is the son of Nightwing and Starfire.

He was born after the battle of Metropolis when Nightwing was forced to activate a device that got rid of 90% of the world's superpowers. Jake's mother left them when he was young, leaving Dick to raise his son by himself in Wayne Manor in Gotham City.

In the year 2039, Jake began to develop powers from his half Tamaranean DNA but hid them from his father, knowing they would be a problem for his anti-superpower agenda. However, one day in school, Jake lost control of his powers and was forced to reveal them to his dad.[1] Unable to control them with normal power dampeners, Jake was detained by the Crusaders, the anti-superpower task force, and was brought in with his father. [2]

After being rescued by his father and the Titans, Jake's immunity to power dampening technology was sought to be harnessed by the Titans in an effort to bring the world's powers back, against Dick's wishes. Dick, in response, alerted the Crusaders to the Titans' location, though, after talking to his son, regretted his decision and worked together to fend them off as Lex Luthor finished the cure. Once Lex had succeeded, he betrayed the Titans and activated a bomb underneath Metropolis that would return the world's powers but destroy the city in the process. With the rest of the world's superheroes, Jake helped evacuate the city and save everyone before the bomb's explosion and powers were restored to the world.

Years down the line, as laws against superpowers were slowly phased out, Jake would go on to graduate college and work with his father to train a whole new generation of power users. He would marry a woman and have a son who he would name Richard Grayson after his father, a man he admired, in a brighter future he helped create.[3]



  • Power Instability: Jake's powers are resistant to power inhibitor drugs and treatments, meaning he would be forced into cryostasis until scientists can figure out how to dampen his powers. [2]