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Jacob Krigstein is a mad scientist who created the supervillain team The Americans to go after Jenny Quantum of the The Authority.


Jacob Krigstein was a gifted creative intellectual and was hired by then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower to work for the American government in creating and training super-soldiers during the Cold War, in which the Soviet Union responded in kind, creating a shadow arms race. Thus, many superpowerd soldiers were trained and formed to protect and defend every major city in the United States.

After the closing end of the Cold War, many of Krigstein's super-humans were deactivated around the same time both Cold War combatants disarmed their nuclear missiles. However, Krigstein saw the long-term problems of the aftermath of the Cold War: capitalism left unchecked would become bloated and unworkable, and like communism, it would cause the world to fall into chaos and anarchy. Krigstein then drafted a survival plan for the future and presented it to President George H. W. Bush. However, Krigstein's plan was based on a utopia enforced by superhumans and a society designed entirely to his specifications, and the Bush Administration dismissed Krigstein as a crank.

During the night of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Krigstein disappeared along with obtaining secret bank accounts, the remaining super-soldiers, and the codes for all five invisible U.S. hangers. After his disappearance, Krigstein spent ten years in fine-tuning his plans and creating new "super-characters" unlike anything mankind has ever seen before.


By the early 21st-century, Krigstein, commanding in his secret hanger in New York City, resurfaced and was perturbed by the Authority's way of handling the world, such as their recent actions in overthrowing a dictatorship in Southeast Asia and causing an economic crisis in that region. Having acknowledge the birth of the spirit of the 21st century, Jenny Quantum, Krigstein ordered his team, the Americans, to kill the baby. However, when Jenny Quantum unnaturally showed her powers in defending herself against the Americans, Krigstein sees vast opportunity in having the baby and orders the Americans in capturing her, in which they succeeded after losing their numbers to the Authority.

With the Authority searching for him, Krigstein then unleash his plan of having his newly trained and created armies of super-humans in attacking and invading every major city and capitals on Earth. However, the Authority and every superhero team on Earth battled Krigstein's super-soldiers ending the invasion in a stalemate. Krigstein is then confronted by Swift who then reasoned with him in stopping the hostilities, and offers him membership into the Authority to enable him to express his works and plans for helping people, in which Krigstein was initially skeptical and then eventually accepted it. After taking Swift's offering and advice, Krigstein established New Indonesia and apparently helped solve Southeast Asia's economic problem.[1]

When the Authority were incapacitated by Seth Cowie and replaced by the G-7 nations sponsored Authority, Krigstein was unofficially booted off of the original team and has since taken to living in Southeast Asia. Embittered with the "cheap knock-offs" of the new Authority, Krigstein had attempted to send his superpowered creations against the new Authority, in which the battle(s) remain inconclusive.[2][3] However, after the G-7 Authority members had all been slain by Midnighter and Apollo, Krigstein remained off the team ever since, though the Authority's Carrier still holds some of Krigstein's odd "experiments" and tech in his former quarters.[4]


Jacob Krigstein recently died shortly after the United Nations ceded Indonesia to him. With his death and without his leadership, Krigstein's superhuman army broken into separate factions, which some took the opportunity to place themselves above humanity given that they were previously kept in line by Krigstein's "off-switch" which also died with him. However, the rogue metahumans were altogether destroyed by the other metahumans who didn't approve of their ilk's intentions. Many of Krigstein's metahumans, such as Jose Delgado (aka Tankman), joined the peace-keeping agency Anthem.[5]

Due to the leading events of the Number of the Beast, Jacob Krigstein's "unorthodox" notes were put to use by the American government into cloning the remains of The High into super-soldiers. However, the initial experiments were very unsuccessful and scores of failed 'projects' were buried in mass graves, in which some still remain undiscovered. Eventually the United States Army Corps of Engineers manage to created a whole partheno-genetic division devoted entirely on The High, known as the "Reaper Initiative". This initiative successfully manage to create a series of High clones which were controlled by neural inhibitors and were dubbed "Reapers".[6] In the result of the events of the so-called "Number of the Beast" incident, the Reapers went out of control and ultimately cause a extinction level event on Earth, creating a nuclear fallout and severe environmental changes to the planet.[7]



  • Krigstein is noted to be despise by some while working for the American government, including Gen. Zebulon McCandless who supervise the Number of the Beast program.
  • Krigstein is based on legendary comic-book creator Jack Kirby, and indeed, The Engineer notes that he "probably would have created all your favorite comic book characters if he hadn't been snapped up by Eisenhower at the end of the war." Furthermore, Krigstein's army of superheroes contains analogues of many key characters from the Marvel Universe, such as the Americans, who are an Avengers analogue, consisting of Commander (Captain America), Tank Man (Iron Man), Storm-God (Thor), Hornet (Wasp) and Titan (Giant Man).