Jacob Packer was Jack the Ripper in Victorian London, and later Gotham City.

Jacob Packer was a friend of Thomas Wayne and they worked together as field surgeons during the American Civil War. Jacob eventually fell in love with Martha Wayne, but his love was not returned and Martha even mocked him. This caused Jacob to hate all women and in a desperate act of madness, he hired a killer to eliminate both Thomas and Martha, but despite his vicious plan, their son Bruce survived.

For years, Jacob held a grudge against Bruce and following his hatred of women, he started a gruesome killing spree in England, where he was dubbed as "Jack the Ripper". Eventually, Jacob traveled to Gotham City, where he started his murderous activities once again, with the sole purpose of framing Bruce Wayne. His plan almost succeeded, but he was eventually stopped by Batman, who deduced the truth and captured him. As the police was about to capture Packer, he tried to slash Batman with his chosen weapon, but he was gunned down by Inspector Gordon, thus ending the crime reign of Jack the Ripper.




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