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Jacob Tremblay (b. October 5, 2006) is an American actor who voiced Robin (Damian Wayne) in Harley Quinn.

Work History

Acting Credits

Harley Quinn 2019- Robin (Damian Wayne)
     "Finding Mr. Right" December 20, 2019 Robin
     "New Gotham" April 3, 2020 Robin
     "There's No Ivy in Team" July 28, 2022 Robin
     "Gotham's Hottest Hotties" July 27, 2023 Robin
     "B.I.T.C.H." July 27, 2023 Robin
     "The First Person to Come Back From a Business Conference Without Chlamydia" August 3, 2023 Robin (Damian Wayne)
     "Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up" August 10, 2023 Robin (Damian Wayne)
     "Metamorphosis" August 17, 2023 Robin
     "The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time" August 24, 2023 Middle-Aged Robin

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