Jacob Weaver was a corrupt police detective working for Oswald Cobblepot.

He was partly responsible for the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne at the behest of Cobblepot, who originally intended to have the Waynes kidnapped. Weaver was recognized as the first officer at the crime scene and was suspected by Bruce Wayne due to Weaver carrying a golden cigarette lighter that was gifted to Thomas Wayne by Bruce likely because he stole it not realizing it was evidence because on account that Bruce gave Thomas the cigar as a Christmas gift for his birthday before he died.

Years later, Weaver quit the police force and began working full time for Cobblepot three weeks after the Wayne murder. During a function hosted by Cobblepot, Weaver was assaulted by the Batman. Though Weaver and several other officers fended off Batman, he was deemed as a liability by Cobblepot, who then ordered the Birthday Boy to kill Weaver at his home. Weaver's body was soon discovered with his throat slashed by his landlady and his death was ruled as a suicide.[1]



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