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Jacqueline Pemberton was the daughter of the Golden Age heroine Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks. She created a costumed identity as Gimmick Girl and intended to follow in her mother's footsteps - only to tragically become the victim of a demonic assault on her first mission.

Recovering, she built a career on the superhero convention circuit as Gimmix. She attended a support group for super heroes, where she met regularly with Etta Candy and Zatanna.

During this period, she answered an ad posted by the Vigilante, and became part of his "Seven Soldiers" team. On this team's first outing, they were all killed by the murderous Sheeda.



  • Bag of Trix

  • It has not been established if Pemberton's father is Brainwave (her mother's husband, whom her mother left when she became aware he was a super villain), or someone her mother had a relationship with afterward.
  • Although Gimmix first appeared and died in the same issue, she was shown alive and "working" in other issues throughout the Seven Soldiers Arc (all set before her death).



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