Quote1 Guess yer just weren't in ol' Flashie's class, myte. Sure as hell weren't in mine. Quote2
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Jaculi is a super-powered terrorist living in Qurac, and a member of the Jihad.

This made him an enemy to the Suicide Squad. He has limited powers of super-speed in short bursts up to three seconds. His weapon of choice is an arsenal of different javelins, usually with tips that explode on impact.[1] His powers were engineered for Jihad by the scientist Jess Bright.[2]

Suicide Squad

The Jihad auditioned for President Marlo of Qurac by destroying a fake airport. They used real Quraci citizens to set the scene, and Jaculi massacred a large number of civilians. This was a success and Marlo hired them to kill the American President. The other members of this team included Chimera, Djinn, Manticore, Ravan, and their leader Rustam. Amanda Waller sent the Suicide Squad to attack their fortress Jotunheim.[1] Rick Flag briefs his team that Jaculi sleeps on the roof, because he belongs to a desert tribe that likes to sleep under the stars. Captain Boomerang, an enemy of the Flash, is sent to neutralize Jaculi. Jaculi is able to dodge the boomerangs with super-speed, but they hit him from behind. Jaculi is stunned, and Boomerang kicks him off the roof to his death. Captain Boomerang laughs that Jaculi is nothing compared to fighting the Flash.[3]

The Jihad later enlists a second female Jaculi as his successor.[4] The original Jaculi was briefly resurrected by Koschei the Deathless as an enthralled zombie, but he was quickly killed again by the Suicide Squad.[2]


  • The name "Jaculi" is taken from a type of serpent.


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