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Cheshire is an assassin for the League of Shadows, the daughter of Sportsmaster and sister of Artemis.


Jade is the older sister to Artemis, tired of living a life that was reliant on failing adults, she decided to abandon her family in pursuit of a better one.[2] Somehow, through her journey alone, she made it to the League of Shadows and gave herself the agent name: Cheshire (after the cat).

5 Years Later

During the five year timeskip, Cheshire had given up her life of crime and married Roy Harper, only for his obsessive search for the real Roy to force her to leave. She returned to him in his apartment, informing him that not only they have a newborn daughter, but she had information of the location of the real Speedy. She agreed to help him if, afterwards, he put his past behind him and get himself together for the sake of their daughter.



  • Mask: The mask itself is a modern ninja tool, built with night vision and various forms of optical sensory capabilities. It also has built in oxygen filter to allow Cheshire to freely move about in environments that lack clean air.



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