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Jade is the older sister to Artemis, tired of living a life that was reliant on failing adults, she decided to abandon her family in pursuit of a better one.[2] Somehow, through her journey alone, she made it to the League of Shadows and gave herself the agent name: Cheshire (after the cat).

Hunting Down Doctor Roquette

The League of Shadows had kidnapped and forced Doctor Serling Roquette to complete a new kind of digital weapon: information hacking nano-bots. After Red Arrow rescued her, she was temporarily hidden in Happy Harbour High School until her location was revealed. Cheshire was the closest one to their location and was assigned to kill her.

At the school, using her infiltration skills, she bypassed her sister and Miss Martian. She then knocked out Kid Flash and attacked Aqualad. The fight did not last long as the rest of the team regrouped and focused on her. At a disadvantage, she disappeared until the next opportunity. Not long after, Cheshire got her own reinforcements for a full assault.

At the marina, in a commercial building, Cheshire and her team attacked Young Justice. Just as she thought she had the chance to kill Doctor Roquette, it was really Miss Martian in disguise. While her other team members take on the group, she split off to hunt down the real Doctor Roquette. Using her mask's sensory equipment, she tracked Aqualad's footprints to the Sandbar Internet Cafe. However, Artemis was not far behind.

Artemis was easily beaten by her and she proceeded to the cafe. Because Aqualad had toxic immunity towards jellyfish poison, she used three times the dose to take him down. Afterwards, she was about to kill Doctor Roquette when she realized that she already neutralized the nano-bots. Without further reason to kill her, she warns her that she lives only because the League sees it fit and leaves. However, in a moment of letting her guard down, Artemis confronts her.

Artemis used an explosive arrow to knock down Cheshire, revealing her true face to Artemis. Cheshire challenged Artemis to let her be captured and interrogated in risk of knowing everything about Artemis; Artemis reluctantly allowed Cheshire to escape into the shadows.[3]

Killing Lex Luthor & Red Arrow's Intervention

She is stopped by Red Arrow from assassinating Lex Luthor, who is assisting with peace talks between North and South Rhelasia. Red Arrow hands her over to the police, but Sportsmaster springs her from jail. Red Arrow manages to follow them, but they attack him, causing him to fall off a wall into a lake, although he survives. At the peace conference she disguises herself as a peddler, and returns to finish the job she started, but Aqualad and Red Arrow thwart her plans.

5 Years Later

During the five year timeskip, Cheshire had given up her life of crime and married Roy Harper, only for his obsessive search for the real Roy to force her to leave. She returns to him in his apartment, informing him not only they have a newborn daughter, but she has information of the location of the real Speedy. She agrees to help him if, afterwards, he puts his past behind him and gets himself together for the sake of their daughter.



  • Mask: The mask itself is a modern ninja tool, built with night vision and various forms of optical sensory capabilities. It also has built in oxygen filter to allow Cheshire to freely move about in environments that lack clean air.



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