Jaeger is a member of Stormwatch Team Achilles.

Jaeger Weiss comes from Bavaria, in Germany. He joined the Federal Border Police, presumably after some years in the military, and from there Grenzschutzgruppe 9 - Germany's crack anti-terrorist unit. A close-quarter combat specialist, not only did he survive a very impressive five encounters with super-powered terrorists - but his opponents didn't walk away.

Jaeger's life, though, was marred by the tragedy of Kaizen Gamorra's hit on Moscow. His parents happened to be in Moscow at that point, where they were killed by Gamorra's posthumans.

A few months after Moscow, Germany agreed to send Weiss to join the UN's new special Stormwatch team, under the command of Benito Santini. Weiss has been a Stormwatch Team Achilles member since then.


  • Military Protocol: Weiss is a formidable soldier from one of the world's most proficient special anti-terrorist operations unit.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Firearms: He's a small arms and close-quarter combat specialist - he's fast, very accurate and highly disciplined and trained. He seems to be the best shot on the team with non-sniping weapons.
  • Tactical Analysis: His tactical experience and training make him able to engage some superhumans, or multiple heavily armed personnel with confidence - and devastating results.



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