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Jai West, also known as Surge[1], is the son of the third Flash Wally West and Linda Park. He was erased from history and lost for years in the Dark Multiverse before finally coming home.

Early Life


Jai and his sister were the children of Wally West and Linda Park. After being born, Jai and his twin sister Irey shared a connection to the Speed Force, which caused them both great pain. Jai gave up his powers, granting Irey a full connection to the Force, a decision he would later regret.[2]

Lost Years

An instant before the Flashpoint altered reality, Jai and his twin sister Irey were sucked into the Dark Multiverse by a tide of dark matter. Wally attempted to save them but was too late. Ten years were removed from history, which included Jai and Irey's birth, and all memory of them was erased. Wally himself was lost in the Speed Force immediately after and Linda forgot both him and her children.[3]


Dark Multiverse

Irey and Jai were trapped on a planet in the Dark Multiverse created from their father's fear that he would never see his family again. Wally eventually found his children, only to learn that he couldn't destroy the planet on his own. He agreed to join with the Mobius Chair to save the Multiverse in exchange for Tempus Fuginaut to take Jai and Irey to Earth 0. He integrated them into Earth 0's history and they were reunited with Linda, who had her memories of her family restored.[4]

Jai West Prime Earth 003

Jai West returns

Legion of Zoom

He and his sister later answered Max Mercury's call from the Speed Force to help him and the Flash Family battle the Legion of Zoom apparently having his speed force powers back, along with the normal standard set of speed force powers, such as super speed. [5]

Death Metal

Linda, Jai and Irey took refuge in the Speed Force alongside the rest of the Flash Family when The Batman Who Laughs remade the world in his image. They briefly reunited with Wally when he took the Mobius Chair into the Speed Force to keep it out of The Batman Who Laughs' clutches.[6]

Infinite Frontier

After the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the Park-West family began to rebuild their lives. Jai and Irey were traumatised by their experiences and had recurring nightmares, but these subsided as the family gradually returned to normal.[7]

Wally attempted to cut himself off from the Speed Force and retire from heroics so he and his family could live a normal life. Instead he became a disembodied consciousness within the Force and began jumping into the bodies of other speedsters across time and alternate realities. He eventually jumped into Jai twenty years in the future, where Irey was waiting for him. She told Wally that his family were safe and happy in the future and that Jai was dating Gold Beetle. Iris also revealed that Jai would regain his powers in the future and that they had both grown up to be superheroes themselves.[8]


The Flash Vol 1 779 Textless

Flash Family takes on Eclipso

One night after school, Jai spotted Irey sneaking out to meet her best friend Maxine Baker and followed them.[9] He saw them get kidnapped by Mammoth and Shimmer and followed them back to their hideout. Jai freed the girls but they were caught by Mammoth. As Irey was drugged and could not use her powers, she reluctantly shared the Speed Force with Jai, restoring his powers and allowing him to fight off the kidnappers, but also causing him incredible pain. Jai defeated the villains but then collapsed, having a vision of their father in danger.[10]

Jai and Irey combined their powers to take the three of them to Gemworld and they rescued Wally. Maxine also revealed that her father was Animal Man. Jai bravely withstood the pain of his powers to help Wally defeat Eclipso but by the end of the fight he was in agony. Wally transferred a surge of Speed Force energy to Jai, giving him a full connection to the Force and allowing him to use his powers without pain.[11] With Eclipso defeated, the Wests and Maxine safely returned home.[12]

Dark Crisis

The twins' "uncle" Barry Allen disappeared on a mission. Mister Terrific was able to track him through the Speed Force and found three alternate realities where he might be. The Flash Family gathered at the Flash Museum to go into the Force and hopefully find Barry and bring him home. Irey wanted to help but the grownups told her it was too dangerous. While they were talking Irey jumped into the portal, dragging Jai behind her, before anybody could stop her.[1] The twins landed in a dark city and were confronted by Night-Flash, an alternate version of Barry who believed they were working for his enemy Knives Maroney. They managed to escape him, but in the process Irey lost the beacon they would need to get home.[13]

A kid in a purple suit found them and took them to hide in an abandoned warehouse. They told him that they were from another universe and he told them that Night-Flash was a brutal vigilante who ruled the city as a dictator. Irey volunteered to stop Night-Flash, believing that would prove to the grown-ups that they could be superheroes, and Jai reluctantly agreed. The kid led them to Night-Flash and they attacked him, and even managed to temporarily get the upper hand, but they were shocked when the kid told them to kill Night-Flash. Jay Garrick, who had followed them through the portal, arrived and broke up the fight, but the twins told him that they believed that the kid, not Night-Flash was the bad guy. Night-Flash revealed that the kid was actually his arch-enemy Knives, who aged in reverse. Knives fled and Garrick and the twins returned to Earth 0.[14]

One-Minute War

While the West family was having a barbecue, an alien empire known as The Fraction invaded Earth, crashing their ship into Keystone and Central City.[15] All the speedsters on Earth were accelerated to top speed as the aliens drew massive amounts of Speed Force energy with them. From their perspective it appeared that everyone else was frozen in place, including Jai. The ship landing levelled much of the city and killed thousands of people, but the West house was protected by Jai pulling a tree in front of them just before the blast wave hit.[16]

Needing a more secure base, the Flash Family relocated to Terrifictech, bringing the frozen Jai and their party guests with them.[17] The adults came up with a plan to destroy the Fraction's spire and take away their speed powers, which would return them to normal time, leaving only Irey behind to "stand guard" over Jai and the others.[18] A hunter working for the Fraction known as Miss Murder tracked Irey to Terrifictech and attacked her, but Irey was able to fight her off by using Jai as a weapon.[19] The Flash Family were able to defeat the Fraction by drawing Speed Force energy around themselves and dumping it into their ship's engine, accelerating them past the speed of light and sending them back in time, undoing everything they had done.[20]


Jai, Irey and Maxine were abducted by Knives Maroney and a crew of villains they did not recognise, and taken to the Palace of Eternity outside the normal flow of time. The villains revealed that they were from the kid's future, where they formed the core of a team known as the Superkids. As they had each been defeated by them in the future, they planned to kill them and prevent the team ever coming to pass. However the object Knives had used to kidnap them, known as the Eternity Mind, had also brought their future teammates: alternate versions of Robin and Superboy from another universe; to the Palace. They fought the villains and Irey was able to snatch the Eternity Mind from Knives. They escaped from the bad guys and fled deeper into the Palace.

After they explored for a while, looking for a way out, Knives spoke to them over some kind of intercom and told them that Wallace had followed them to the Palace and the villains had captured him. He ordered them to hand over the Eternity Mind or he would kill Wallace. The Eternity Mind had the power to summon anything from time and space, which made it too dangerous to let Knives have it, but Jai realised how they could use the Mind against him. They returned and gave the Mind back to Knives, but then immediately began calling on it to summon as much random stuff as they could think of, and attacked the villains again in the ensuing chaos. Irey freed Wallace and he punched Knives out. Robin used the Eternity Mind to send all the villains to jail and wish them home, promising that they would team up again soon.[21]

Linda later gave birth to Jai and Irey's little brother Wade West. On the day he was born he was kidnapped by Granny Goodness and Wally went after them with a team of heroes. Wally returned the next day, but due to time travel months had passed for him and Wade.[22][23]

Dawn of DC

Beast World

Over the next month, Jai's powers began to change. His strength fluctuated wildly and small figures began uncontrollably splitting off from his body.[24] Jai was horrified and disgusted by the changes. He also suffered feeling of inadequacy and anxiety and had behavioral problems, but didn't feel able to talk to his father about them. He regularly got sent to the principal's office.[25]

Maxine asked Jai to join her for milkshakes at a local diner. Jai went, assuming that Irey would be there to, but when he got there it was just the two of them. He felt incredibly nervous and unable to speak, so much so that he was relieved when the Beast World event began. They were attacked by Godspeed, who had turned into a hornet creature. Jai was able to lay out Godspeed with one punch, but while he was celebrating one of Godspeed's temporal clones stabbed him in the back and injected him with a powerful neurotoxin.

Maxine furiously destroyed the Godspeed clone and then cradled Jai, shielding them with a force field. She angrily told him not to die on their first date. Although he did not have the typical accelerated healing powers of a normal Speed Force conduit, Jai was able to draw vast quantities of Speed Force energy into himself by sheer force of will and heal himself from the toxin's effects. this also supercharged his strength, allowing him to destroy the rest of the clones with a single shockwave clap. He then asked if this had been a date and Maxine blushed and replied "not anymore". Suddenly Irey ran in and told them they needed to come with her. Irey lead them to the Allen house, where they found the twin's great-aunt Iris transformed into a cuttlefish creature attacking Barry. The spore leapt out of Iris and tried to infect Barry, but Jai caught it. Maxine scanned it with her powers and when she had determined how it worked Jai crushed it, grossing Irey out.

The entire Flash Family rendezvoused at Iron Heights. Irey suggested that they counter Godspeed's "swarm" of insectoid clones by transforming the Flashes into wolves with Barry as the alpha, but Maxine and Iris both told her that the concept of wolfpacks as a hierarchy lead by an alpha male was actually a myth. Jai suggested also turning the Flashes into insects and Maxine had all the adults voluntarily get infected by a spore; she then used her powers to manipulate their transformation and turn them into bee-people who regarded Iris as their "queen". The "Swarm" defeated Godspeed by vibrating at high speed to create heat, like real bees did when a hornet invaded their nest. This killed the spore inside Godspeed and he reverted to normal. Maxine then set the bees to cure the rest of Central City's transformed citizens, before then changing them back to normal.[26]

The Arc Angles

A few days after the beast plague Jai was sat outside the principal's office, stewing on his anger and frustration. One of the figures exploded out of his arm, and as he was trying to retrieve it a strange man in a long white coat appeared behind him in the hallway. Jai was startled and teleported to Wally, who was working with Terrifictech investigating an anomaly in the park. He snuck closer and saw a brain and pair of eyes in a box, which asked him what he was looking at. To his surprise Jai then teleported back to school, which he had never been able to do before. The man in white told him that the small figures allowed him to do it, but Jai had a full-blown panic attack, splitting off many more figures and teleporting away.

He found himself on the other side of a two-way mirror looking into an interrogation room, where Wally was questioning Gorilla Grodd about the brain, which had been cloned from the Ultra-Humanite. Grodd sensed Jai in the next room and broke free of his restraints, planning to kill him. Jai considered destroying Grodd with his super-strength, but instead he spoke to Grodd through the intercom and asked him why he did what he did. Grodd calmed down and said that he did everything to ensure safety and prosperity for his people.

Jai once again teleported back to school and the man in white asked him if he was ready to talk yet. Jai, much calmer, said that he was and the man introduced himself as Inspector Pilgrim, science detective. Pilgrim told Jai that his connection to the Speed Force was unique, as he was able to reshape the Force rather than simply tap into it. He explained that Jai's teleportation was the result of opening wormholes to other speedsters and that the figures, which he called "animated homonculi", were quantum entanglement points which he could teleport to at will. Pilgrim told Jai that he usually teleported to Wally because he was the closest other conduit, but he had the potential to jump to any speedster across time and space. He told Jai to relax and just act on instinct, and Jai teleported to Irey, Barry, Wade and finally Wally again back in the park. Wally was arguing with Impulse, who ran off in an attempt to reach Timepoint in the hopes of finding Max Mercury, who had gone missing. Jai tried to tell Wally that he sensed incoming danger, but Wally put up a brave front and shrugged it off. When Jai tried to talk about his feelings of inadequacy, Wally reassured him that he would always be proud of him, but Jai didn't believe him.

Mister Terrific and some Terrifictech scientists activated a machine which would collapse the mysterious anomaly, but cosmic beings known as The Stillness teleported in and destroyed the machine, saying that the anomaly was needed as a "beacon". Wally ran at the Stillness but they blasted him away with energy. The Stillness then notice Jai and said that he was a "shaper". They blasted him too and he split into dozens of homonculi. Believing that Jai had been killed Wally flew into a rage and seemingly obliterated the Stillness with a huge blast of Speed Force energy.

Jai reassembled himself and got Wally to stand down. He told Wally that he had decided he didn't want to be a superhero. Wally was silent for a moment, but then told Jai it was okay, then hugged him and vanished. Jai returned to school and told Inspector Pilgrim that he now believed his father really loved him, because he had proven he would break the world for him.[25]

A few days later, suddenly everyone at school froze in place and ghosts swarmed the building. Jai sensed there was a temporal disturbance and teleported to Barry to ask for his help, deciding not to go to his father as he didn't want to burden him. However, when he got to Barry his parents were also there. He told them what had happened and they returned to the school. The Stillness appeared again and said more cryptic things. Wally eventually demanded they just explain what was happening, but they simply said he only needed to ask to know the answers and disappeared. Barry ran off and Wally chased after him,[27] they both disappeared without a trace. Barry eventually returned after three days but Wally was nowhere to be found and none of his family, including Jai, were worried about him or cared that he was gone. They simply chalked it up to him being busy with the Titans.[28]

Inspector Pilgrim continued to visit Jai and teach him how to use his exotic powers. During one of these visits Hartley Rathaway came to the house looking for Wally, as the Bureau of Sovereignty was raiding Terrifictech. Among other things, they had seized data records which seemed to indicate that speedsters were responsible for increasing anomalies in reality and causing reality to break down by using their powers. Pilgrim told them that, according to history, Waller was about to launch a massive authoritarian crackdown, but that the timeline was also about to catastrophically implode so it didn't matter.[29]

Jai sent a homonculi through the vents at Terrifictech to Mister Terrific's most secret lab where the cloned Ultra-Humanite brain was stored and teleported inside. Pilgrim believed that something had come through the anomaly in the park and believed that Jai could get the brain to remember. However, when Jai mentioned Wally's name, the brain screamed that Wally was the end of all things and needed to be destroyed to save the universe. Unbeknownst to him however, Grodd was telepathically speaking through the brain.[30]

Pilgrim took Rathaway to the Linear Bureau's space station at Timepoint and brought Jai along to keep him safe. Jai took the opportunity to experiment with his "shaper" powers and found that he could create a lens from congealed space-time and tried to use it to find Wally. He caught a glimpse of Wally in a garden full of statues, but the view broke down. Pilgrim told him to take a break while he and Rathaway went to deal with something in the present. However, Jai spawned some homonculi and sent them to explore the station. When Wally briefly returned to the world to speak with Nightwing, Jai teleported to them to listen in. He heard Wally, who appeared to be suffering from amnesia, say that he needed to disappear so he couldn't hurt people.

Jai's homonculi found a huge sealed hangar on the station, and when Jai teleported in he discovered that it was full of speedsters held in stasis, including Impulse, Max Mercury, Wallace and Avery Ho. When Pilgrim and Rathaway returned to the station with Wade, Jai demanded to know what was going on. Pilgrim revealed that he was in fact an adult version of Wade from the future.[31]

Pilgrim explained that when he had attempted to travel into the future recently, he saw the timeline vanish into a black void at a point only a couple of weeks into the future. He had received a mental transmission from immensely powerful cosmic beings known as the Arc Angles, who told him that speedsters were destroying the universe and needed to be killed, but he had opted to put them in stasis instead. However, Barry had claimed that in fact the Rogues, backed by the Arc Angles, were involved in a massive conspiracy to make it appear that speedsters were destroying reality and emotionally break Wally in order to turn him into a weapon.

Pilgrim initially refused to believe that the Arc Angles were behind everything that had been happening, as such powerful cosmic beings would have no reason to lie and all the data supported the theory that speedsters were destroying the Multiverse. Jai suddenly realised that the Arc Angles were warping reality to make the data fit the theory rather than the other way around. Using his "shaper" powers, he was able to "smooth out" the alterations the Arc Angles had made and prove that they, not the speedsters, were responsible for the anomalies. Pilgrim was convinced and released Max, Bart, Wallace and Avery from stasis. They and some Linear Bureau agents returned to the present to help Barry fight off a Bureau of Sovereignty agent wearing the Justice Buster suit.[32]


Jai West Prime Earth 004

Jai West as an adult

In a possible future, Jai as Surge was trying to rescue Wade, who had been kidnapped by the Fraction. Now as an adult, Jai was capable of channelling some of his Speed Force energy to be able to keep moving once he found the Fraction, unlike the time the group first invaded Earth in the past. During his fight against the Fraction, Jai was helped by Lilly, also known as "Gold Beetle",[33] with whom he would begin a relationship after they rescued Jai's brother.[34]


  • Speed Force Conduit: Jai possesses a connection to the Speed Force, a mysterious cosmic force that pushes time and space itself forward. Jai has a unique connection to the Force, which allows him to reshape and repurpose the Speed Force, rather than simply tap into it. This allows him to use the Speed Force in ways that other speedsters are unable to. The most obvious difference between Jai and a typical conduit is that he is able to use the Force to boost his natural strength rather than his speed.[11] The cosmic aliens known as The Stillness describe Jai as a "shaper".[25]
    • Superhuman Strength: Jai can increase his strength to superhuman levels via "kinetic hyper-stimulation" of the molecules making up his muscles.[25] He is strong enough to bend steel with his bare hands, and can send superhumanly strong opponents like Mammoth or Etrigan flying with a single punch.[10][11]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Jai's reflexes are far greater than a normal human being. This allows him to easily react to danger and events.[26]
    • Speed Force Aura: Jai's body is surrounded by a "friction cushion", a field of kinetic absorbent energy that protects him from the rigorous effects of using his powers, including friction, airborne particulate matter, kinetic impacts, G-Force and the like. He is able to sync his Speed Force aura with his sister's, allowing him to travel at super speed along with Irey, while she is "carrying" him.[35] Jai can also hover in mid-air behind Irey when their auras are joined,[35] and can be lifted and thrown by her when synced together.[19]
      • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to his protective Speed Force aura, Jai is capable of resisting tremendous kinetic impact forces that could easily crush or kill a human, without suffering any serious external or internal injuries. When Mammoth punched him, Flinders broke his wrist while Jai was unharmed.[10]
    • Speed Force Empathy: The Speed Force grants Jai an empathetic connection to other conduits of the Speed Force, which allowed him to sense through the Force when his father was in peril.[10][11]
    • Teleportation: Jai has the power to open quantum wormholes to other conduits, allowing him to entangle with them and teleport to their location.[25] Most typically he teleports to Wally if he feels threatened,[26] or if he senses that his father is in danger.[36] However, he requires Irey's help to travel to between dimensions.[11] Inspector Pilgrim theorized that Jai could even travel to Speed Force users across time and dimensions on his own.[25]
    • Bio-Fission: Jai can create "animated homunculi" from his own biomass, which are miniature humanoid figures that he can use as "entanglement points". Jai can leave or send them to a specific location to teleport to them at will. Jai is also capable of splitting up his entire body into these homunculi.[25]
      • Bio-Fusion: Jai can rapidly reassemble himself after splitting his physical form into dozens of homunculi.[25]
    • Accelerated Healing: Jai can focus the Speed Force to rapidly recover from otherwise fatal injuries.[26]
    • Electrokinesis: Unlike most conduits of the Speed Force, Jai's body does not typically emanate Speed Force lightning. However, he can draw large amounts of the electrical energy into himself, with intense focus.[26]
    • Cosmic Awareness: Jai's unique connection to the Force allows him to sense disturbances in time.[27]
    • Reality Alteration: Jai possesses a limited ability to warp dimensions by using the Speed Force as a tool.[31]
      • Clairvoyance: Jai was able to draw energy from a cosmic spider known as a "Widow" and use it to create a window into other dimensions.[31]



  • Power Instability: (Formerly) Jai was initially only able to access the Speed Force by sharing his twin sister Irey's connection to the Force. This half-connection was unstable and channelling Speed Force energy caused him great pain and could have potentially killed him.[10] His father transferred the "surge" of Speed Force energy he had gained during his battle with Savitar to Jai, granting him a stable connection to the Force and allowing him to use his powers without ill effects.[11]



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