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Jai West is the son of the third Flash Wally West and Linda Park. He was erased from history and lost for years in the Dark Multiverse before finally coming home.


An instant before the Flashpoint altered reality, Jai and his twin sister Irey were sucked into the Dark Multiverse by a tide of dark matter. Wally attempted to save them but was too late. Ten years were removed from history, which included Jai and Irey’s birth, and all memory of them was erased. Wally himself was lost in the Speed Force immediately after and Linda forgot both him and her children.[2]

Dark Multiverse

Irey and Jai were trapped on a planet in the Dark Multiverse created from their father’s fear that he would never see his family again. Wally eventually found his children, only to learn that he couldn't destroy the planet on his own. He agreed to join with the Mobius Chair to save the Multiverse in exchange for Tempus Fuginaut to take Jai and Irey to Earth 0. He integrated them into Earth 0's history and they were reunited with Linda, who had her memories of her family restored.[3]


In a possible future glimpsed by Doctor Manhattan, Jai joined the superhero community and became the new Turtle.[1]

Legion of Zoom

He and his sister later answered Max Mercury's call from the Speed Force to help him and the Flash Family battle the Legion of Zoom apparently having his speed force powers back, along with the normal standard set of speed force powers, such as super speed. [4]

Death Metal

Linda, Jai and Irey took refuge in the Speed Force alongside the rest of the Flash Family when The Batman Who Laughs remade the world in his image. They briefly reunited with Wally when he took the Mobius Chair into the Speed Force to keep it out of The Batman Who Laughs’ clutches.[5]

Infinite Frontier

After the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the Park-West family began to rebuild their lives. Jai and Irey were traumatised by their experiences and had recurring nightmares, but these subsided as the family gradually returned to normal.[6]

Wally attempted to cut himself off from the Speed Force and retire from heroics so he and his family could live a normal life. Instead he became a disembodied consciousness within the Force and began jumping into the bodies of other speedsters across time and alternate realities. He eventually jumped into Jai twenty years in the future, where Irey was waiting for him. She told Wally that his family were safe and happy in the future and that Jai was dating Gold Beetle. Iris also revealed that she and Jai had grown up to be superheroes themselves.[7]


  • Speed Force Conduit: Speed force conduits possess a connection to the Speed Force, a cosmic force that allows its users to push the boundaries that keep time and space. As a conduit of the Speed Force, all aspects of their physiology are accelerated and enhanced.[8]
    • Accelerated Healing: By having a connection to the speed force, every speed force conduit has an incredibly fast healing factor and can heal from most injuries in seconds and devastating injuries in minutes.[9]
    • Enhanced Senses: The Speed Force enhances the speedster's senses, allowing them to perceive and process thoughts faster than the normal person.[10]
    • Phasing: Speed Force conduits can tap into the Speed Force to vibrate their molecules in a way to achieve intangibility for short bursts, allowing them to phase through objects.[11]
    • Speed Force Aura: The Speed Force manifests an aura around the speedster and whatever they are carrying, protecting them from adverse effects of their speed, such as friction with the air.[12]
      • Superhuman Durability: The Speed Force Aura also protects speedsters from kinetic impacts, which in turn, makes them much more durable and resistant to injury than any normal human.[13]
    • Superhuman Stamina: The Speed Force grants its conduits with a great increase of stamina, allowing them to fight or run much longer than the average person. Although a great increase, it is not unlimited.[10]
    • Superhuman Speed: The universal factor of being a Speed Force conduit grants its user with imperceptible amounts of speed. All powers that conduits possess derives from their speed.[10]. This also confers:
      • Superhuman Agility: The speedster's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows them to easily maneuver while moving at superhuman speed.[10]
      • Superhuman Reflexes: In conjunction with their enhanced senses, The speedster's reflexes are heightened immesurably, allowing them to dodge or react faster than normal.[10]
    • Vortex Creations: Speed Force conduits are able to create vortices of air by running in circles or rotating their extremities at super-speed. These vortices can be used for a number of effects.[14]




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