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Jai West is the son of the third Flash Wally West and Linda Park. He was erased from history and lost for years in the Dark Multiverse before finally coming home.

Jai and his twin sister Irey shared a connection to the Speed Force, which caused them both great pain. Jai gave up his powers, granting Irey a full connection to the Force, a decision he would later regret.[3]


An instant before the Flashpoint altered reality, Jai and his twin sister Irey were sucked into the Dark Multiverse by a tide of dark matter. Wally attempted to save them but was too late. Ten years were removed from history, which included Jai and Irey’s birth, and all memory of them was erased. Wally himself was lost in the Speed Force immediately after and Linda forgot both him and her children.[4]

Dark Multiverse

Irey and Jai were trapped on a planet in the Dark Multiverse created from their father’s fear that he would never see his family again. Wally eventually found his children, only to learn that he couldn't destroy the planet on his own. He agreed to join with the Mobius Chair to save the Multiverse in exchange for Tempus Fuginaut to take Jai and Irey to Earth 0. He integrated them into Earth 0's history and they were reunited with Linda, who had her memories of her family restored.[5]

Legion of Zoom

He and his sister later answered Max Mercury's call from the Speed Force to help him and the Flash Family battle the Legion of Zoom apparently having his speed force powers back, along with the normal standard set of speed force powers, such as super speed. [6]

Death Metal

Linda, Jai and Irey took refuge in the Speed Force alongside the rest of the Flash Family when The Batman Who Laughs remade the world in his image. They briefly reunited with Wally when he took the Mobius Chair into the Speed Force to keep it out of The Batman Who Laughs’ clutches.[7]

Infinite Frontier

After the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the Park-West family began to rebuild their lives. Jai and Irey were traumatised by their experiences and had recurring nightmares, but these subsided as the family gradually returned to normal.[8]

Wally attempted to cut himself off from the Speed Force and retire from heroics so he and his family could live a normal life. Instead he became a disembodied consciousness within the Force and began jumping into the bodies of other speedsters across time and alternate realities. He eventually jumped into Jai twenty years in the future, where Irey was waiting for him. She told Wally that his family were safe and happy in the future and that Jai was dating Gold Beetle. Iris also revealed that Jai would regain his powers in the future and that they had both grown up to be superheroes themselves.[9]

One night after school, Jai spotted Irey sneaking out to meet her best friend Maxine Baker and followed them.[10] He saw them get kidnapped by Mammoth and Shimmer and followed them back to their hideout. Jai freed the girls but they were caught by Mammoth. As Irey was drugged and could not use her powers, she reluctantly shared the Speed Force with Jai, restoring his powers and allowing him to fight off the kidnappers, but also causing him incredible pain. Jai defeated the villains but then collapsed, having a vision of their father in danger.[11]

Jai and Irey combined their powers to take the three of them to Gemworld and they rescued Wally. Maxine also revealed that her father was Animal Man. Jai bravely withstood the pain of his powers to help Wally defeat Eclipso but by the end of the fight he was in agony. Wally transferred a surge of Speed Force energy to Jai, giving him a full connection to the Force and allowing him to use his powers without pain.[2] With Eclipso defeated, the Wests and Maxine safely returned home.[12]

Dark Crisis

The twins' "uncle" Barry Allen disappeared on a mission. Mister Terrific was able to track him through the Speed Force and found three alternate realities where he might be. The Flash Family gathered at the Flash Museum to go into the Force and hopefully find Barry and bring him home. Irey wanted to help but the grownups told her it was too dangerous. While they were talking Irey jumped into the portal, dragging Jai behind her, before anybody could stop her.[13] The twins landed in a dark city and were attacked by Night-Flash, a psychotic alternated version of Barry.[14]


  • Speed Force Conduit: Jai possesses a connection to the Speed Force, a mysterious cosmic force that pushes time and space itself forward. Jai is able to use the Force to boost his natural strength rather than his speed.[2]
    • Speed Force Empathy: Jai is able to sense through the Force when his father is in peril.[11][2]
      • Teleportation: Jai is able to teleport himself and others to Wally's location when he senses that he is in danger,[15] although he requires Irey's help to travel to parallel dimensions.[2]
    • Superhuman Durability: Jai is much more durable and resistant to injury than any normal human. When Mammoth punched him, Mammoth broke his wrist and Jai was unharmed.[11]
    • Superhuman Strength: Jai is strong enough to bend steel with his bare hands, and can send superhumanly strong opponents like Mammoth or Etrigan flying with a single punch.[11][2]



  • Power Instability: (Formerly) Jai was initially only able to access the Speed Force by sharing his twin sister Irey's connection to the Force. This half-connection was unstable and channeling Speed Force energy caused him great pain and could have potentially killed him.[11] His father transferred the "surge" of Speed Force energy he had gained during his battle with Savitar to Jai, granting him a stable connection to the Force and allowing him to use his powers without ill effects.[2]



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