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Blue Beetle was a member of the Teen Titans.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Jaime Reyes was a member of the Teen Titans already when Robin joined the team. Robin destroyed a projectile of his, saying that he wanted to test Blue Beetle's alien equipment.

Later, at a carnival on a mandatory trip for fun organized by Starfire, Jaime faced off Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan, in a dancing game. Jaime lost and offered popcorn to anybody who was able to beat Garfield. Robin, also known as Damian, stated that he was a quick learner and beaten Garfield. Before Jaime had the chance to buy Damian popcorn, Raven was blown into the carnival by demons from hell, sent by Trigon. Starfire ordered the Titans to go and attack the demons, who were like batteries that regenerate but can be worn out. Once they were defeated, the Titans head back to the tower.

Batman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman met the Titans at the tower, demanding Raven come with them to help them solve the mystery of what was corrupting both enemies and friends, such as Superman. They refused to hand over Raven, causing Trigon to posses them and make them fight the Titans. Batman poisoned himself with a nerve toxin before he could fight the Titans. Blue Beetle was easily defeated, but managed to knock out Cyborg with a dart, causing the demon possessing him to leave his body. However, Wonder Woman and Flash captured Raven and took her to Superman.

The Titans discovered that Raven was being kept in a desert thanks to a tracker put on her by Damian. They head off as a group to rescue her, while Damian subdued Superman with Kryptonite. They rescued Raven, but are too late, as Trigon escaped to Earth. In the end, Damian helped Raven to magically suck Trigon into a small gem.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Jaime joined the apokolips war along with the other heroes, but was killed in the middle of the battle.




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