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Quote1 My family, that's what makes me strong. Quote2
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Jaime Reyes is a graduate of Gotham University and the vigilante of Palmera City, taking up the mantle as the third Blue Beetle after Dan Garrett and Ted Kord.

Early Life

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The recent graduate Jaime Reyes

Jaime Reyes was born around 2001 to Alberto and Rocio Reyes, a couple from Mexico who moved to Palmera City. During his childhood, Jaime formed a close friendship with his uncle, Cesar Reyes, also nicknamed as Rudy for his friends and parients, a good bond with his grandmother, Elena Leal, and had a sister named Milagro Reyes, whom he nicknamed "Mili". Upon graduating from high school, Reyes left Palmera City to continue his studies at Gotham University, spending a lot of time studying, unaware of the difficulties his family suffered during his absence, although they never told him so as not to distract him and Jaime finally graduated from college with a law degree.[1]

Rise of Blue Beetle

In 2023, Jaime returned to Palmera City, being happily received by his family, who were happy that he was the first Reyes in which he graduated from university, but Jaime's happiness would not last long because he discovered that the company Kord Industries was looking for demolish the house of the Reyes and that Alberto had suffered a heart attack. To help their family, Jaime and Milagro began working at Kord Industries to earn money, being cleaners in the building until Jaime met Jenny Kord, the young niece of Kord Industries CEO Victoria Kord, and Jaime became friends with Jenny, who promised to give him a new position.

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Discovering the powers of The Beetle

After being advised by Alberto to find his purpose, Jaime enlisted for his new position in the company until he met Jenny, who gave him a box of Big Belly Burger, asking him not to open it, something Jaime promised to do, but at the request of his family, He gave in to the temptation to open it, discovering a technological beetle, which quickly jumped at Jaime's face, crossing all over his body. Jaime began to symbiosis with the beetle, manifesting a beetle-shaped cybernetic armor and suddenly, Jaime flew up into space, before flying over the entire city, as the beetle was testing the armor, although Jaime did not like the idea, causing him to test a force field, which caused the destruction of a bus before returning to the Reyes family home.

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Attacked by Carapax

In search of answers, Jaime took Rudy's car to pick up Jenny, rescuing her from the OMAC, Victoria's enhanced soldiers, and took Jenny home, being informed that he had made symbiosis with The Beetle, discovering that it had stuck on his back, so he allied with Jenny to remove it, receiving the support of Rudy, who used a device called "El Chapulin" to hack into the cameras of Kord Industries. After getting a key that would help them, Jaime and Jenny were attacked by Ignacio Carapax, Victoria's cyber-enhanced henchman, who tried to fight Jaime, but was protected by The Beetle, who unleashed his armor and began fighting Carapax, who also manifested his armor. During the fight, Jaime allowed the Beetle to use all attacks, denying the idea of ​​killing Carapax, however, he was knocked to the ground by the cybernetic soldier until being saved by Jenny and Rudy.

During his trip to the Kord estate, Jaime became more connected with The Beetle, discovering that her real name is Khaji Da, a being that came to Earth several years ago and was considered a "weapon of destruction". With the help of the watch, Jaime, Jenny and Rudy entered a former headquarters belonging to Ted Kord, Jenny's father and the eccentric former CEO of Kord Industries, discovering that Ted was the vigilante known as Blue Beetle until his disappearance. Jaime and Jenny eventually became attracted to each other, before being called out by Rudy, discovering that the only way to part ways with Khaji was for Jaime to die and despite Jenny and Rudy mentioning that he could be a hero, Jaime refused, having doubts about which choices to make.

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Defending the family

Jaime received a great advice from Rudy to decide what to do with Khaji, thinking that the universe gave him a gift until seeing how several Kord Industries helicopters were heading towards the Reyes house, so Jaime flew with Khaji to summon the armor, heading home to protect his family from OMAC, mastering his skills against soldiers and learning to create various weapons from Khaji, using cannons and swords against OMAC. Jaime bought time for his family to stay safe, but ended up being held back by Carapax with a giant grappling hook, preventing Jaime from going to help his father, watching in horror as Alberto died of a heart attack, crying over his father's death while Victoria and Carapax kidnapped the sore Jaime to their base of operations on Pago Island, where Khaji was found.

Captured by the OMAC, Jaime awoke on Pago Island, discovering that he was strapped into a machine belonging to Victoria, who told him that after her father, Thomas Kord, chose Ted as CEO of the company instead of her, Victoria began a search for Khaji-Da to gain respect and revenge on his family, creating the OMACs, beginning the process with Carapax, causing Jaime pain by passing his powers to Victoria's machines. On the verge of death, Jaime entered his mind, meeting Alberto astrally, sharing a last farewell with his father, discovering that being a hero was his purpose and accepting Khaji as part of him, managing to free himself from his ties, receiving the help of the scientist "Sanchez", a subordinate of Victoria, whom he betrayed for saying his name wrong. After escaping, Jaime discovered that his family came to rescue him and he returned to the Victoria base to rescue Milagro, facing the OMAC, with the help of Khaji, Elena and Rudy, discovering that Jenny had been kidnapped.

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Fightning against Carapax

With no walls on the coast, Jaime ended up being attacked by Carapax, unleashing a fight between rivals, in which Jaime released two swords to face Carapax, fusing them by learning to master the armor, fighting him. During the duel, Khaji lost the energy of the armor due to the blows, so Jaime had to defend himself, being helped by Rudy, who distracted Carapax, who shot him, taking him for dead, an act that totally frustrated Jaime as he believed that Rudy died, unleashing his anger on Carapax, throwing himself at him savagely, using the entire arsenal of the armor to kill him in revenge for Alberto's death. Before killing Carapax, Jaime was stopped by Khaji, who reminded him that they did not kill, showing Carapax's tragic past and how he became who he is now, which made Jaime take pity on him, deciding not to kill him, becoming allies, stating that his family was what made him strong. Jaime watched Jenny defeat Victoria, sharing a hug with her, asking her to go to the Blue Beetle's Bug, Ted Kord's ship, while he said goodbye to Carapax, who redeemed himself by overloading his armor to kill himself along with Victoria in revenge for modifying it.

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Relationship with Jenny Kord

During the explosion of the base, Jaime was able to escape the explosion, addressing the bug, discovering that Rudys was still alive, glad to see all his family alive and they shared a family hug to honor Alberto, inviting Jenny to enter their family. In the next few days, Jaime and his family held Alberto's funeral near the house destroyed during the attack, organizing a party with their neighbors, who offered to help with Jenny to repair their old home. Jaime and Jenny formalized a romantic relationship while he accepted his new role as Palmera City's vigilante, becoming the third Blue Beetle.[1]