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Quote1.png I'd rather be in here than out there. This suit's an alien war machine. Quote2.png
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Jaime Reyes is the Blue Beetle, a superhero and ally to Batman after the fall of Superman's Regime.

Before Brainiac

Sometime between the fall of Superman's regime and the invasion of Brainiac, the young adult Jaime Reyes became connected to the mysterious Blue Beetle Scarab, giving him immeasurable power in the form of his Blue Beetle super suit. This was discovered by the predecessor, Ted Kord, who trained Jaime to utilize the scarab. After one training day, Jaime would find his mentor as one of the kidnapped billionaires of Ra's al Ghul. Ted and the others are then butchered on live television.

Jaime later arrives as one of Ted's funeral attendees and is scouted by Batman, who asks for his help in stopping Ra's and avenging Ted. When they locate al Ghul's base in South America, Jaime is left on the outside of the base, with orders to not jump into the fray except as a last resort. Growing agitated after his allies break contact, Blue Beetle later attacks the dome of al Ghul's wildlife sanctuary.

The resulting assault causes the death of the last thylacine, leading to Vixen attacking Beetle and a full battle between Batman and al Ghul's factions. During the fight, Jaime shoots a beam through El Diablo, eventually causing his pyrokinetic powers to burst out of his body. Although Plastic Man and his son are able to rescue both parties, all the animals in the sanctuary are killed, leading to al Ghul ordering the undercover Aqualad to assassinate the U.S president along with all the cabinet members.

Because of this, an angry Batman dismisses Jaime. Still depressed over his mistake, Jaime is found and trained by Booster Gold, Ted Kord's best friend. While training, they are found by Ted's former secretary, who passes on Ted's wealth to Carter, as well as asking him to guide the young Jaime. When Amazo attacks Delhi, Booster and Beetle both arrive late, but the former is immediately blasted away by Amazo's laser. Soon, something launches Amazo to space, and Jaime immediately chases after them, eventually seeing a girl fight Amazo on the moon. Jaime aids her and she eventually destroys Amazo, decapitating the robot and uncovering its brain.

Seeing that she is traumatized by the android's brain, Jaime provides her shelter and consoles her. While Kara introduces herself, she replies that the brain reminded her of something evil and immediately destroys the object. Jaime later promises to keep her identity hidden from Batman. Upon return, Jaime takes credit for defeating Amazo, claiming that the robot malfunctioned during their fight.

After Amazo's defeat, Jaime is approached by Booster and the Teen Titans, who wish to recruit him into their ranks. Before Jaime can give a proper response, he is kidnapped by Lobo and taken to Metron, who informs him of a new battle between the Red and Green Lanterns, the former bringing in Starro the Conqueror into their ranks. Jaime later joins the Teen Titans and Lobo in rescuing the outmatched Green Lanterns and helping them return to Oa's surface, where the Green Lanterns' power battery is severely damaged.

As many of their comrades were still under Starro's control, Hal Jordan rallies the remaining forces to pursue Atrocitus and rescue their allies. Unlike the others, however, Jaime chooses to attack Starro directly rather than save the others. He is then quickly found and joined by Booster Gold. As they near Starro, Jaime learns that one of the former carriers of the scarab had defeated Starro by sacrificing herself and detaching the scarab for it to stream energy through the being. Jaime does the same and detaches the scarab in order to stop Starro.

After Jaime falls into unconsciousness from the oxygen deprivation, Booster passes his oxygen mask to the youth and has Skeets transport him back to Oa, sacrificing himself in the process. When Jaime wakes up, Hal returns the scarab back to the heart-broken teen.

Brainiac's Attack

When Brainiac began his invasion of the Earth, Blue Beetle and his fellow new-hero Firestorm were assigned to protect Superman in his red sun prison from Brainiac's forces. However, Brainiac wasn't the problem they had to deal with, instead having to fend off Wonder Woman and Black Adam from freeing Superman to help save the Earth. Though the two heroes managed to fend off the attackers for awhile, they were eventually forced to concede when Batman arrived and agreed to free Superman for the good of the Earth.

Now assigned to fight Brainiac's forces, Firestorm and Blue Beetle were abducted by the alien and used as telekinetic pawns by Gorilla Grodd to find the Rock of Eternity, the magical artifact the heroes planned to use to destroy Brainiac's ship. When Aquaman defeated and killed Gorilla Grodd, Blue Beetle's mind was restored, and he returned to the fight, leading to Brainiac's eventual downfall.[1]

Possible Post-Brainiac Epilogue

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This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.
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"Oh man - dude! - I cannot even describe what it felt like! Sure, I was just the newb in the crew. But, like, you'd think I'd ever let Brainiac kill Batman and, what, blow up the world? ¡No manches! When it was over, Batman was all - 'The world is safe thanks to you, Jaime. I'd like to make you leader of the new Justice League, if that's cool with you.' Wow, that was a really tempting offer, y'know?

But if there's one thing better than saving Batman, it's saving mi familia. I haven't been around 'em much since I got the Scarab. So for now, I'm moving home and going back to school. And if this so called 'normal' life doesn't work out? There's always the Justice League."





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