Blue Beetle was a young superhero who joined the Titans.

Jaime Reyes was a high school student in Metropolis. In 2011, Jaime was almost run over by a car owned by Kord Industries. Booster Gold appeared and saved his life. However, unbeknownst to anyone, a strange scarab, that had been transported in the car, got out and hid inside Jaime's backpack. Eventually, the scarab attached itself to Jaime and formed an armor around his body, that Jaime couldn't control, and it attacked Booster Gold. Before it could kill Booster Gold, Jaime was able to gain control over it.[1] Afterwards, Jaime became a protégé of Booster Gold and part of the Watchtower Network. Know going by "Blue Beetle", Jaime was among the younger members of the network, that were sent to San Francisco and trained by Jay Garrick. Jaime and the others soon formed their own team known as the "Titans".[2]




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