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Jaime Reyes is the third Blue Beetle, a young superhero working with Batman powered by a blue scarab.

Jaime Reyes became the current Blue Beetle after discovering the Blue Beetle Scarab in El Paso that had been belong to his predecessor Ted Kord, who was unable to unlock the artifact's power. Jaime is a superhero fan and was recruited by Batman into helping stop a meteor from crashing into Earth. However, when trying to destroy the meteor the Beetle Scarab created a hyperspace portal that teleported Jaime and Batman to an alien world in which its vulnerable denizens, the Gibbles, needed the Blue Beetle to defeat space pirate Kanjar Ro, who has been distilling the Gibbles for energy. There, Jaime and Batman discovered that there was another (alien) Blue Beetle that preceded Earth's Blue Beetles, who protected the Gibbles and was murdered by Kanjar Ro. Jaime was reluctant to help the Gibbles, but Batman helps him in rallying the Gibbles into an army to fight against Kanjar Ro and his crew. In their fast battle, Jaime became overconfident and was quickly defeated when Kanjar Ro uses the Gamma Gong to damage his scarab suit and exposed without it. Jaime was then captured by the space pirate and his scarab was removed and harnessed by Kanjar. Once Kanjar Ro uses the scarab to battle Batman, Jaime learns to think for himself as advised by Batman to free himself. He then uses Kanjar Ro's Gamma Gong on its owner to take back his scarab and allowing the Gibbles to blast down Kanjar Ro. Following Kanjar Ro's defeat, the Gibbles honored Blue Beetle and Batman's heroism, though the latter was believed to be a sidekick to Jaime and built a smaller statue of him in comparison to a larger statue of their Blue Beetle. After returning to Earth, Jaime and Batman find themselves back in space above Earth, a second after they left. Given enough time to stop the meteor Jaime and Batman proceed to destroy the said object.

After having a talk with his friend Paco, Jaime came to wonder if he is really worthy as a superhero. He then searches for Batman and finds him battling Doctor Polaris, and finds only that Batman considers Jaime is no better than his predecessor, Ted Kord and refuses to talk anymore of his former ally. Upset, Jaime have to decide to do research on Ted Kord. Via a internet search from the Scarab, Jaime finds Ted Kord's base of operations at Kord Enterprises in Hub City. There, he discovers a vehicle of the old Blue Beetle, the Bug. Inside it he discovers a flight log to Science Island and activates it in the hope to find Ted. On the island Jaime finds who he believes to be Ted, but in fact his uncle Jarvis Kord who sought to conquer the world with his nephew's technology. Jaime was then tricked by Jarvis into activating an army of robotic blue beetles for what Jaime believes that he is doing a humanitarian effort for the world. Eventually, Jaime discovers Jarvis' plans and was quickly subdued by Jarvis. After joining with a captured Batman, Jaime learns of Ted's ascension as the Blue Beetle and his self-sacrifice against his uncle. Jaime and Batman eventually freed themselves and stop Kord from destroying Science Island. After leaving the island, Jaime learns he was indeed chosen by the scarab but that alone does not make him a hero—his choice in doing the right thing does.


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