Jaime Reyes is the superhero Blue Beetle and a member of the Titans.

Change in Color

A new type of beetle

Blue Beetle was hanging out with Starfire when she noted that his color scheme made him appear sad. Despite his objections, Starfire painted his armor yellow and pink. As a result, he adopted the alias Yellow and Pink Beetle. For his birthday, Backpack gifted him blue paint.[1] He eventually returned to his initial color scheme.[2]

Kid Flashpoint

Jaime was setting up a lemonade stand, but Backpack unfortunately forgot to pack the lemons. The foundation of the stand was destroyed by the Flash Family when they inadvertently ran into it. Luckily Mas y Menos wasn't far behind and not only fixed the foundation, but also finished the stand. Still without lemons, he re-banded to sell lemon-free lemonade, using a garden hose. While Coach Lobo bought the racers and their audience "lemonade," with only Lobo falling for Reyes' ploy.[3]



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