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Jaimini Sargent was the daughter of John Sargent, the original Sargon the Sorcerer, and a member of the inner circle of the Cult of the Cold Flame.

She was supposed to have killed her father in order to gain his power, and one of her first moves with that power was to seek out the three scattered parts of Croyden's Compass - a device designed to seek out sources of magic power. The first of these was the compass' needle, but she found unexpected opposition in retrieving it when she discovered that John Constantine was also seeking it. She was prevented from taking it from him, but managed to kill John's friend Chris in the course of events.[1]

After learning that John had also gained the compass' dial, she began a race for the third piece: the lens. That race took her to London, where she fell victim to a Riddling Butcher whom her own father had trapped within a labyrinth snare. Though she survived, it allowed John the chance to escape with the lens, thereby completing the compass.[2]

Despite their rivalry, Sargon hoped that John would join the Cold Flame - and hid a secret fondness for him from her allies. In a moment at which his life was hanging in the balance, the Cult stole all of his magic items - including the compass - and, hungry for power, she was eager to seek out the sources of magic it could find. Imbued with that new power, she returned to a revived John to mock him. With more power than he, his fate was hers to decide. That fate, it turned out, would be to have sex with her.[3]

This was a part of her plan to gain even more power, as John was soon afterwards attacked by Mister E. She had set both John and Mister E up, though, planting one of John's mystical weapons in the room with the intent that he should use it to kill Mister E, and she and Tannarak would then gain his power. When that plan came to fruition, she once again offered John the chance to join the Cult of the Cold Flame, and though he had an ulterior motive, he accepted.[4]





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