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Jaina Hudson is a Gotham City socialite and the mysterious criminal the White Rabbit.


Jaina Hudson was born to the American diplomat Tom Hudson and his wife, a Bollywood actress. At the age of nine, the family moved from India to Gotham City. Since that time, she visited some private schools. Years later, Jaina became a charity fundraiser organizer and met Bruce Wayne at a charity function for relief in Pakistan. The two flirted with one another and agreed to go on a date. However, Bruce's responsibilities as Batman prevented him from seeing Jaina, who was secretly the White Rabbit.

Arkham Asylum Breakout

White Rabbit made her first criminal appearance at a breakout of Arkham Asylum. She teased Batman and the Gotham City Police Department before running off into the corridors. It soon became clear that Batman had never witnessed the woman before and had Alfred Pennyworth attempt to locate her in particular while he tracked and detained the other escapees. Responding to a tip off about the location of the Joker, Batman entered a speeding train and found a host of dead clown thugs and the alluring White Rabbit. Batman chased her for answers, but, when he finally found her in a compartment, the villainess was draped over the Joker.

A fight broke out between Batman and Joker, only for the clown to reveal himself to be Clayface in disguise. After the reveal, the fight was finished off as Clayface toppled over and landed on Batman. Whist the hero was stuck, White Rabbit sensually stroked his face as she prepared to inject him with a dangerous super steroid but, before she was able to do the deed, was interrupted by the Flash.

Later, White Rabbit lead Batman to a confrontation with Scarecrow and Bane. Escaping, White Rabbit returned to Jaina's home and they combined into a single person.

Arkham War

Jaina Hudson was eventually captured and thrown into Blackgate as her White Rabbit persona. But, she did not remain very long because, due to the appearance of Crime Syndicate, the world was plunged into chaos from a lack of heroes. Wanting to take Gotham for himself, Bane arrived at the Arkham inmate-controlled city and created an army using the Blackgate prisoners.[1] Upon breaking White Rabbit out of prison, she immediately went to Bar 8 [2] before participating in multiple battles for control of Gotham City.

Eventually, after Bane and the Blackgate had won the Arkham War, Batman returned to Gotham from his absence and usurped Bane as the city's protector.

Gotham Resistance

She was seen having a tea party with Mad Hatter and some corpses, similar to Alice in Wonderland, near Challengers Mountain.


  • Bio-Fission: Although its exact nature remains unknown, Jaina can duplicate herself into two beings: a second version of herself and White Rabbit. This power causes some physical changes in White Rabbit, such as her skin tone getting lighter and her hair becoming white. Once the duplication takes place, Jaina and White Rabbit become completely separate individuals, with their own personalities and opinions.




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