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Quote1.png For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of another world. A world where I discover who I really am, where I'm part of something greater than myself. Where I do amazing things for all of Earth's creatures... on land... And in the oceans. Quote2.png
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Jake Hyde is a young man who lives under his overprotective mother, who has hidden from him all his life that he is the son of the eco-terrorist known as the Black Manta.

Jake underwent genetic modification experiments still in his mother's womb without her knowing it, as his father, Mr. Hyde, intended to turn humans into amphibians and thus survive the rising seas. Jake would be the world's first amphibious child, having been injected with manta ray stem cells.

When Mrs. Hyde learned of her partner's intentions, she risked her life to send a message to Aquaman, who saved her and her son by driving them into hiding in a small town in the New Mexico desert, and all through Jake's life she had lied to him by telling him that his father had drowned when he was a baby, trying to instill in him the fear of water and thus not manifest the latent powers as the Black Manta intended and be discovered by him.

However, Jake grew up attracted to the ocean, dreaming of applying for an Oceanography course at the University of Miami, which he kept a secret from his best friend, Maria Mendez, who dreamed of staying in Truth or Consequences with Jake, for who she was secretly in love.

Jake then felt in a dilemma, especially when he began to get romantically involved with Kenny Liu, the openly gay captain of the high school swim team, to whom Jake, still in the closet, first revealed the secret of his powers, hitherto of unknown origin to him, but, contrary to what Jake would have expected, Kenny didn't pull away scared, and the attraction between the two was becoming more obvious — and this was one more secret Jake needed to keep from Maria, while his relationship with his best friend was getting more complicated because of so many secrets.

Life in high school became even more difficult thanks to the harassment of the bully Zeke and his crew, who especially bullied Kenny and later Maria, which naturally led them to bully Jake as well, reaching the point where he couldn't but keep his special abilities a secret if he wanted to protect his friends. This, however, made Jake's mother despair, fearing that the revelation of her son's powers would attract Black Manta's attention, and thus discover where they lived.

But the confidence that grew in Jake thanks to Maria's friendship and early romance with Kenny made him face his mother and her fears, convincing her to stay in Truth or Consequences independently if Jake's father would come after them or do not.




  • Kenny's Turquoise: Kenny had this turquoise stone since he was a kid, and he gave it to Jake because its color reminds him of the sea, and now it reminds him of Jake.
  • Manta Necklace: Mr. Hyde made it for his son when he was born, and Mrs. Hyde kept it so she wouldn't forget he'll always be a threat.