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Jake Jordan was the Manhattan Guardian, a vigilante sponsored by a newspaper of the same name. He was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.


Jake Jordan was an unemployed and disgraced former police officer, who left the force after killing a young boy he misidentified as the murderer of his partner. On the suggestion of his fiancé's father Larry, Jake applied for a mysterious job at the Manhattan Guardian tabloid newspaper. After facing several trials disguised as a terrorist attack, including fighting a Golem, Jordan was confronted by the paper's owner, Ed Stargard. Impressed with his conduct, Ed offered Jake the job: To be the newspaper's very own Superhero/Reporter. (During his meeting with Jake, Ed notes that he had bought the rights to the Guardian name from Project Cadmus, who had sponsored the original.)

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Shortly afterward, Jake's fiancé Carla was kidnapped by subway pirates, and her rescue became his first mission. The pirates also killed Larry, and shortly after her rescue, Carla broke up with Jake. Later, the Guardian faced down killer robots modeled after the world's ethnic groups. Fed up with how his new job has changed his life, Jake stormed into Ed's office, intent on quitting, only to find Ed was an elderly man who never physically developed beyond babyhood. Ed explained that he used to be a member of a group called the Newsboy Army known as Baby Brain. The group had a deadly and maddening encounter with the evil faerie-folk, the Sheeda, who are now storming the Guardian building, intent on finishing the former Newsboy off. Not content to leave Ed to die, the Guardian, Baby Brain and his secretary set off to find Carla and fight the Sheeda.

In the end, the Sheeda were defeated, and Jake and Carla were tearfully reunited, making up in the process, shown in a headline proclaiming "HERO GETS GIRL!".

Battle of Metropolis

Following the failed Harrowing, Jake Jordan helped battle the villains in Metropolis during Infinite Crisis[1], and later made an appearance at the memorial ceremony for for all those killed during the Crisis[2].

World War III

Jordan's full activities during the Year Without the Big Three are not fully documented. Presumably, he went back to work at Guardian Heights. However, he was seen fighting against Black Adam in China during World War III.[3][4] His courage during that battle was apparently sufficient to get him considered for membership in the new Justice Society[5], though he currently remains affiliated with the Manhattan Guardian paper.


  • Acrobatics: The Manhattan Guardian has been seen jumping off tall buildings and ships, out of cars and off motorcycles. He's also jumped on top of a moving subway train and fought off thugs while dodging bullets that weren't deflected by his shield.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Trained by the Police Academy, street fights as well as further training as the new Guardian of Manhattan have honed his fighting skills to a top level.
  • Driving: Driver of the Guardian Mobile as well as driving a police car for many years prior to becoming the Manhattan Guardian.
  • Equestrianism: Apparently he's taken equestrianism training which was paid for by Ed Stargard. He's rode flying horses as well as police mounted horses.
  • Law: A police officer for many years before becoming the Manhattan Guardian he continues his law enforcement career as a vigilante / adventurer still enforcing all the rules he did as an officer.
  • Photography: Two cameras on his shoulder pads constantly flicker and take pictures during his adventurers, he's become proficient in the use of making sure he gets the best shot in action.


  • Manhattan Guardian Suit: A SWAT-team modeled bulletproof vest with mounted flashlights, cameras, baton and pouches used for crime fighting.




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