Jake Ketchum is the werewolf known as Fang and the guitar player for Scare Tactics.

He was born into a werewolf clan deep in the Appalachians. His mother cheated on her mate Warden with another man who may have been a human. Jake's mother died of fever when he was an infant, and Warden resented him for his mother's betrayal. When Jake came of age Warden wanted him to marry Pearl Kingsbridge to end the long-standing blood feud between the Kingsbridge and Ketchum clans. Jake didn't like the idea of marriage or being bossed around by his clan, so he ran off. Pearl later committed suicide, and Jake felt responsible.[1]

At some point, Jake was captured by the R-Complex. He was held captive and tested upon at the R-Complex headquarters until he was rescued by Arnold Burnsteal and Fate. He met fellow captives Scream Queen, Slither and Gross-Out during the escape.[2] The group went on the run from R-Complex and Burnsteel convinced them to start a band called Scare Tactics as cover.[3]

Fang and the others ran afoul of the Ketchum clan when their bus broke down. He was almost killed when Warden gave him and Scare Tactics to the Kingsbridge clan as sacrifice to their god. Luckily he and the others were saved by Fang's childhood friend Rod Kingsbridge. Rod gave Fang a letter from Pearl. It stated she ended her life not because she hated him but because she didn't have the courage to follow him.[1]

The band went through tough times when Slither died[4] and Gross-Out left the planet. Fang, Scream Queen, and Burnsteal vowed to continue on, though, and set out in search of new bandmates.[5]

Later, Fang became a tv star after saving an actress and helping members of Young Justice from a werewolf named Turk.[6] His combination of acting ability and actual Lycanthropy made him a convenient hire for the popular Wendy the Werewolf Stalker show.[7]






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