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Her father was Lord Blackstock (aka Kevin Sack), from whom she presumably inherited her superhuman abilities. Her mother was Anaykah, a scientist from the Lost City of Opak-re. Opak-re is a highly advanced, hidden city somewhere in Africa.

In 1933, Anaykah became the lover of Elijah Snow and arguably the love of his life. Snow respected the laws of Opak-re, which forbade inter-breeding between the inhabitants of the city and outsiders. Blackstock was not so respectful. When Snow was absent for a period of 18 months, Blackstock and Anaykah slept together out of simple boredom (to which neither of them had a great resistance). A baby girl was the product of their illegal union. As a half-breed, she was left outside the city to die while Opak-re closed itself off from the outside world for good.

On October 18, 1934, Snow returned to the city just as it was closing. A weeping Anaykah begged him to care for the child if he ever loved her. Heart-broken, Snow rescued the child and placed her with foster parents in Germany. Her foster family, the Wagners, had undergone a strange experience with a crashed alien spaceship the year before. (A reference to the origin of Superman, only this one appears to have ended less happily for those involved.) The Wagners named her Jakita.

Jakita inherited the low threshold for boredom of both her parents and has channeled this into several avenues. She is notably promiscuous in her relationships and has been a member of the Planetary field team for at least a decade and led it for several years after Snow disappeared. Her relationship with Snow is complex - but it is clear that she feels a familial love for him, despite their constant bickering.


  • Superhuman Strength: She has been shown to easily twist and bend metal with her bare hands as well as leap dozens of feet in the air.
  • Superhuman Speed: She can move at incredible speeds, able stop on a dime when running at full speed.
  • Superhuman Durability: Wagner is quite durable and able to survive falls from many stories as well as take no damage from conventional gunfire.
  • Enhanced Vision: She has telescopic vision.
  • Decelerated Aging: Since she is actually in her seventies, it appears that she either ages very slowly or not at all.




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