Sgt. Jamal Stuart was a descendant of J.E.B. Stuart, whose spirit rode in his tank with him.

In 2003, Stuart's unit was stationed in Iraq, but they had fallen behind on a convoy due to a broken road wheel arm. At this time, Sergeant Stuart and his men were ambushed by Syrian raiders. They likely would have died if not for the sudden appearance of the spectral Confederate J.E.B. Stuart. The ghost of Jeb Stuart took command of the tank's guns and cut down the raiders.

As the dust settled, he introduced himself to Jamal, citing that he is the ghost of his great ancestor. As a black man, Jamal Stuart had great difficulty coming to terms with the idea that his ancestor was a man who fought to keep his people in slavery.

The ghost made no apologies for his past, but was honor bound to protect his current descendant in the war in the Middle East. In recognition of their new ally (and also to irritate their commanding officer), Stuart's crew erected a ratty Confederate flag onto their vehicle and they became the modern version of the Haunted Tank.


All members of the Stuart family are able to view and hear the spirit of their ancestor confederate General J.E.B. Stuart. His soul was bound to that of his descendant his presence was limited to their immediate location.



  • The Haunted Tank: Jamal Stuart was the commander of the new Haunted Tank, a U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank in service during the Iraq war in 2003. The Tank had a Confederate flag much to everyone's confusion that Jamal attached to it in honor of his ancestor GeneralJ.E.B. Stuart. Whose spirit helped against Syrian raiders.



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