James was the brother of terrorist John Collins who was duped into enacting a terrorist plot against the U.N. by Maxwell Lord in order to better publicize his new iteration of Justice League America.[1] Seeking revenge against him, Collins had been secretly extraditing him for millions of dollars using it to alter himself in order to gain an edge on the worlds greatest superhumans.[2]


Explosive Energy Manipulation: Judgement underwent the process of augmenting himself using secretly embezzled funds. He gained the power of emitting and focusing a naturally explosive energy generated from his body. This made him an exceptionally lethal combatant as he was a danger both in close, as well as, long range combat while using these abilities.[3]

  • Energy Projection: Judgment can launch volatile energy from any part of his body over great distances. These range from being ble to emit localized explosions with a snap of his fingers, to launching optic blasts able, to tagging a space station from Earth.
  • Protective Aura: Collins is protected from his own explosive power by a protective shielding which also explodes on contact when met with opposing force.
  • Energy Enhanced Strike: Can combine his explosive force with physical melee to land devastating blows against superpowered beings as tough as Captain Atom and Wonder Woman.



  • Distance Limitation: The effectiveness of his powers waned the further away he casts its explosive effects.


  • Amplification Armor: Judgment wears a host of technological carapaces in order to bolster the effectiveness of his powers.[2]



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