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Quote1.png Mine was to exact vengeance. Mine was atonement. Without these things... I am already gone. Quote2.png
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Jim Corrigan was The Spectre, an immortal agent of divine vengeance.

When Shazam went on a killing spree, the Spectre intervened, attempting to understand the cause of his madness. While he discovered that he had been separated from Billy Batson, he was unable to stop him, as Shazam stabbed him with a shard of the Spear of Destiny.[1]

Despite being believed dead, the Spirit of Vengeance could not truly die. For a time, he joined the Quintessence in defending the multiverse from the very being his death had been orchestrated to unleash, The Unkindness.[2]

Millenia later, at the end of time, the Spectre joined Wonder Woman as one of the last beings alive. The spirit revealed that he had come to regret spending his eternal existence as an agent of vengeance, now that there was no revenge left to take. Despite this, he had long ago forgotten how to let go of that anger, and needed the aid of Wonder Woman's lasso in order to set his soul free.[3]