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Jim Corrigan was a corrupt detective working for the Gotham City Police Department, and routinely abuses his position by selling crime scene memorabilia - from the mundane like bullets, to the more extravagant items lost by the city's colorful villains.[1]

Although the Internal Affairs division was aware of his activities, they could not interfere due to an explosive encounter between Corrigan and Renee Montoya, of the Major Crimes Unit, when Crispus Allen had been accused of murder.[2]

Corrigan had Allen killed when he was close on bearing evidence of Corrigan's illicit acts.[3] This spurred the GCPD to arrest Corrigan, but unfortunately the past incident with Montoya along with a decent alibi had given Corrigan the defense he needed to avoid court and jail. However, Montoya filled with rage, confronted Corrigan and threatened to kill him. The once smug CSI officer broke down and tearfully began pleading for Montoya to spare his life. Despite her thirst for vengeance, Montoya let him go and then resigned from the force.[4]

After Montoya's attack, Corrigan spent his time as an alcoholic. Eventually Corrigan drunkenly stumbled into an alley and was murdered by Crispus Allen's young son, Malcolm, who sought revenge against Corrigan for the death of his father.[5]


  • There is no known connection between this Jim Corrigan and the former host of The Spectre, also known as Jim Corrigan.



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