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Quote1 If my many years in villainy has proven anything, I hope it is this... that one can be both a ghost... and a gentleman. Quote2
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The Gentleman Ghost, formerly the British highwayman James Craddock, is a thief and enemy of Hawkman.

In their first encounter, Craddock stole the Mortis Orb, which had the power to resurrect the dead.[1] Using the orb to raise an army of zombies, Hawkman battled and managed to escape the building they were in. Then, the Gentleman Ghost appeared again, saying that the warlock's spell rendered the orb inert years ago, but the Nth Metal broke the spell, causing the orb to regain its power. The Gentleman Ghost took the orb, saying that he would use it to transcend death and resurrect himself through the life-force of every man, woman and child nearby. Then, he disappeared and the zombies that were attacking Hawkman dissipated.[2]

The Gentleman Ghost began fully harnessing the orb's power, creating a portal from which Julius Gates came out. Gates, demanding the orb, grabbed Craddock, while Hawkman took the orb from him. The portal vanished with Craddock and Gates inside, causing them both to disappear, along with the apparitions and zombies. Hawkman, to keep the from falling into the wrong hands again, dropped the Mortis Orb somewhere in Antarctica.[3]


  • Spectral Physiology: James Craddock is a specter made of arcane energy.[4] His status as a ghost also makes him immune to life draining abilities.[5]
    • Invisibility
    • Intangibility: When he chooses to, Craddock can make himself completely intangible. He can not be bound by handcuffs even if they have a magical hex on them. However, he can still become tangible when he wants to.[6]
      • Phasing: As an extension of his intangibility Craddock can phase through objects with no issue. He is able to run through walls, tables, people and any other manor of tangible matter.[6]
    • Possession: Craddock once possessed the body of a dolphin to comunicate with Amanda Waller while he was in another dimension.[7]
    • Summoning: Gentleman Ghost can summon at will a pair of flintlock pistols.[8]



  • Reliance on the Moon: Craddock can only manifest himself at certain times based on the moon cycle. He is only bound to the Earth by the moon, and thus when the moon disappears for the day he also vanishes.[6]
  • Vulnerability to Nth Metal: For unknown reasons, Craddock has a weakness against the element known as Nth Metal. When he makes contact with Nth Metal he is banished to the spectral plane and can not return until the next new moon.[9]
  • Restricted Senses: Due to being a spectre Gentleman Ghost can't taste, smell, or touch.[4]

  • Gentleman Ghost is in a relationship with Wither.[5]



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