Quote1 Revenge is a fire that keeps me warm in the eternal cold of the grave. Quote2
-- Gentleman Ghost src

Gentleman James Craddock was a highly successfully criminal highwayman of the 19th Century. And thanks to his wit and marksmanship, he eluded the London's police for a long time. But Craddock kept one ability secret in that time, thanks to his fear of death he started to study the art of magic. In his quest for immortality he came in contact with the imprisoned Demon Asteroth. Both villains struck a deal - if Craddock would provide Asteroth with ten souls the Demon would grant him immortality.

Aided by Wagner's Horn, Craddock rode around London picking up unsuspecting women from the street stealing their souls in the process and framing the only known magic expert in the city, Jason Blood. While Craddock was able to collect his ten souls it did not happen without difficulty. His act caused him to have three heros right on his tail: Jason Blood's alter ego Etrigan, a bat costumed stranger that claimed Craddock would be a ghost in the future, and the highly acclaimed detective Sherlock Holmes. Craddock proved to be more than a match for the trio on several occasions. Holmes served to be the tenth soul. In return Asteroth seemed to fulfill his deal of the bargain.

Despite feeling renewed and stronger than ever, Craddock was still captured and arrested. He was soon hanged after a long trial. Unable to die, Craddock had risen from the grave pledging revenge on the city and the masked stranger he believed caused him to be this way: Batman.


  • Phasing: As a Ghost Craddock is able to phase through most substances.
  • Immortality: After completing his end of his bargain with Asteroth, the imprisoned demon made his soul incapable of ever passing from Earth. Even after his death, Craddock's soul rose from the grave and lived throughout the centuries.
  • Flight: After arising from his grave, Craddock phased through the ground and flew up over his grave.



  • Power Limitation: As a ghost he cannot phase through Nth Metal. This means that he is susceptible to anything composed of Nth Metal.
  • James Craddock is also known as the Notorious Highwayman.



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