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Kid Quantum was chosen as his world's representative in the Legion of Super-Heroes, during their conception, as per United Planets regulations.

However, he was egotistical and disobeyed orders, which led to his death at the hands of Tangleweb when his belt shorted out on their first mission. His sister, Jazmin Cullen, would later take up the Kid Quantum mantle in his stead as Xanthu's Legion representative.

After Cullen's death, the Legion was forced to implement a new rule barring anyone from membership whose powers relied on technology.


  • Stasis Fields: Kid Quantum can create stasis fields in a limited area to freeze time and halt all movement. However, this ability is powered by his stasis belt.


  • Technological Reliability: Kid Quantum can create stasis fields on his own but they are smaller and weaker than when he is "buffed" by his stasis belt given by the Legion. When the belt malfunctioned on a mission, Kid Quantum died.


  • Stasis-Belt: Allows creation of minor stasis fields, freezing time in isolated areas.
  • Legion Flight Ring: All Legionnaires were presented with a flight ring that enabled them to defy gravity and sustain movement through the air by aerodynamically generating force.



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