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Kid Quantum is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

James Cullen was once a member of the Proteans who accidentally led Glorith to their homeworld. Glorith wanted to turn the race of Proteans into an army of shapeshifters loyal to her. The Proteans hatched a plan to remove and merge the sentience of all Proteans except seven and place it into the repentant Proty who would later become transformed into James Cullen. James would be given a belt to give him stasis powers.[1]

The seven Proteans hid James amongst the Legion of Super-Heroes to protect him from Glorith for if she had James she would have the key to enslaving the Proteans. James later faked his death unbeknownst to the Legion of Super-Heroes. James reunited with the seven Proteans and was able to restore the sentience of the Protean race.[2] The Proteans reshaped James' molecular structure and made him an actual human but they also left him a little gift. He now had the stasis powers his belt provided but now they were part of a metahuman ability.



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