James Gordon, Jr. is the second child of Commissioner Jim Gordon and Barbara Eileen Gordon.

James is an inmate at Arkham Asylum and is still alluded to as being the catalyst behind Barbara's paralyzation. He helped Charise Carnes (the villain Knightfall) survive the rigors of the Asylum, saying he admired her views of a city bathed in blood before it is made good.[1] During a break out, he managed to escape. During the Joker's attack on the Batman Family, he calls Barbara to inform her that Joker thugs were coming to attack her at her apartment. He then leads her to where Joker had been keeping their mother hostage. He drugs Barbara and trades her to the Joker for their mother's life. He falls from a roof top after his sister throws a Batarang at him just as her father arrives on the scene and sees him fall.

He was believed dead until he was recruited into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. His motivation for joining is that he is in love with Waller. He knocks out Deadshot and goes out on and standoff with Harley Quinn. He then becomes an analyser for the team.

James later became reformed and sane due to an experimental drug. When the Batman Who Laughs started killing the Bruce Waynes of various alternate universes and went after the Batman of Prime Earth, he joined his father and Bruce in helping to put a stop to his plans to infect the city through the waterworks. Together with his dad, he also put a stop to The Grim Knight.

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  • Mental Illness: James is a recovering sociopath and psychopath, although by his own admission he is not as stable as he would have hoped to become.[4]
  • Missing Eye



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