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Quote1.png I keep asking myself why I didn't bring him in. And I now know, the truth is I let him go because of you. Because you believe in him. I don't know... They put me in charge of a station full of rotten cops. And I can't change them - any more than I can change this damn city... Or at least that's what I used to think. But maybe, maybe I can give them something to believe in. Maybe HE can give them something to believe in. Quote2.png
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Jim Gordon is the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and an ally of Batman.

Police Commissioner James W. Gordon dedicated his career to cleaning up the corruption in the Gotham City police department, a goal he has come a long way towards accomplishing. He has been equally tough on crime, and in the pursuit of making Gotham City safe for all its citizens. Gordon was naturally uneasy with the Batman especially when he had to rely on the Dark Knight during one particular Christmas night when the Black Mask put a 50 million dollar bounty on his head.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Gordon has aided Batman in combat before.[2] Batman himself commented that Gordon is a skilled fighter.
  • Criminology
  • Investigation: First seen as a Captain, Gordon must have had good investiation skills to have reacehd that rank despite the constant harassment he received from his corrupt co-workers.
  • Leadership: As commissioner of the GCPD, Gordon commands complete loyalty of his men for being the only un-corrupt cop to take the position. Gordon cares about his men, calling them off when he deems it too dangerous for anyone other than Batman to take the fight to the bad guys.
  • Firearms: Gordon is skilled with a firearm.
  • Political Science: Gordon became mayor of Gotham after Batman's unmasking.
  • Driving

  • Gordon appears as an enemy in the Batman: Arkham Asylum Playstation 3 Exclusive Joker DLC. Gordon always appears as a thug on the last round of a fighting challenge map. The commissioner can actually be beaten like any other guard.
    • Gordon can also be shot by the Joker like any other guard in the challenge maps.



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