Quote1 Oh, make no mistake, he's not evil. No, I would say he walks a fine line. It's just that sometimes he steps on the side of the line where you or I might hesitate to tread. Play on the other side enough and you tend to lose sight of the line. His vision can be blurry sometimes, but I like to think I'm the prescription he needs to see clearly. Quote2
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Jim Gordon was the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and an ally of Batman.


One Christmas Eve, Commissioner Gordon contacted Batman to inform him that Catwoman supposedly had information on The Joker's whereabouts and was planning to rob an auction house. He was annoyed Jim bothered to call him about Catwoman, but nonetheless decided to look into it.

Later that night, he and his wife, Barbara Eileen Gordon, had invited one of his officer over to his house where they discussed Batman. On Christmas day, Jim helped take The Joker into custody after Batman apprehended him at the residence of Bob and Tim Cratchit and briefly joined in his officers' celebration at GCPD Headquarters.[1]




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